penang global city centre

gee, i thought i prided myself that i know of current issues/news but how come i don’t know i.e haven’t heard of the penang global city centre (PGCC) project (and to think it is penang, my hometown, where i am now!!), until 2 days ago when i came across it on my friend, anil netto’s blog.

read about it in anil’s post ‘unspinning patrick lim’s spin on his penang mega project’, and also the latest ‘a phone call from fox‘. btw, these 2 posts of anil had been highlighted by jeff ooi too.

ahh i see. the news did appeared in the star but under the business section, which to tell the truth, i don’t read at all. hmm… so that’s why i missed it i guess.

i was quite shocked to learn that two flyovers would be build to connect PGCC to the penang outer ring road (PORR). PGCC is at the former penang turf club in scotland road, which is a very busy and congested area. what? flyover again? hey penang is a small island! with all the buildings of flyovers and others what-have-you roads (not forgetting buildings), penang will sink one day!! oh, guess i must learn how to swim then.

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