excuse me, they are graduates??

… with this kind of mentality?

A newly-formed NGO comprising Malay graduates today filed a suit seeking a High Court injunction against both the state government and the Penang Island Municipal Council (MPPP) from erecting the signboards.

The group calls itself Gabungan Graduan Melayu Muda (GGMM) or Young Malay Graduates Federation.

A pro-tem committee member, businessman Nik Rizman Sapian, 33, from Kuala Lipis, filed the suit claiming that he felt obliged to stop the authorities from "belittling the official status of Bahasa Malaysia".

In the writ, filed by his lawyer Sahrihan Jani, he also sought a declaration that the plan by the state authorities to add other languages to signboards has violated Article 152 of the federal constitution, which upholds the official status of Bahasa Malaysia.

what the hell did they mean ‘belittling the official status of BM’? the names of the road in BM are still there. the penang govt. only wants jawi or indian or mandarin names to be erected under the BM name – what’s wrong with that?

oh i know what’s wrong. their otak. dah masuk university or college and still think like this eh. see, i told you, they are thinking they are under siege. another case of insecurity!

oh, and also as lulu pointed out, why now brought up article 152… when long time ago, jawi was used for road signs, they kept quiet, conveniently forgot about article 152. lulu also highlighted the umnoputera themselves are turning this issue into a political one but they accused the penang govt. of doing it!

Some 100 GGMM members gathered outside the court building and chanted Hidup Melayu (Long live Malays) several times as Nik Rizman and Sahrihan appeared after filing the writ.

hoho. haha. ‘hidup melayu’ again. don’t they feel ashamed to chant this? what? it is so telling of how insecure they are – why must you cheer for your own race to live on? i know i will be terribly ashamed if my race would to chant that (hidup cina) as it will made me feel as though…. well… as though my race is under siege!

oh well, to them, the hidup melayu is there because of the ketuanan melayu i suppose. since melayu is tuan, the melayu must be sure to hidup hidup (long live), what does that shows?

Nik Rizman told journalists that he had natural responsibility and rights as a citizen and Malay to defend the position of Bahasa Malaysia as the national language and official medium of instruction, as enshrined in the federal constitution.   

oh, the great defender of bangsa and bahasa again. what else is new. (don’t forget also, thier defender of ugama – obvious when they gathered in mob e.g. the recent bar council forum on religion). they’ll never learn – always harping on race and religion.

at any rate, as someone blog, why don’t these graduates concentrate on some other important or pressing issues than on this petty issue of defending BM on signboards. after all, the penang govt. had already explained why the need for these additional language names – not on all roads but only roads with heritage sites AND most importantly BM will still be retained. so why these graduates want to bising-bising?

The DAP-led state government decided last month to add more languages to the Bahasa Malaysia signage on public signboards in the Georgetown heritage zones.

The local authority added one more language – either English, Mandarin, Tamil or Arabic – on the signboards depending on the area, without deleting the official language.

Together with Malacca, George Town had been bestowed the Unesco World Heritage City status in July.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has previously explained that his government was not belittling the official status of Bahasa Malaysia, but was merely adding other languages to cater for the needs of foreign visitors.

see? but will they ever listen? they seems to run amok or go paranoid when they feel the urge to defend thier bahasa, bangsa dan ugama – and can’t use thier brain properly.

i shuddered to think that this group had just been formed and already they bising-bising on such trivail, racial matter – what will happen next? hmm… are most of them UMNO members? or did UMNO cucuk them to form the group and further cucuk them to sue the govt?

on the matter of signboards being in other languages TOO, BESIDE bahasa malaysia, as to that the CM said – to cater for foreign visitors, i feel that signs at places of service, or even for that matter, places of tourist attraction, should have the universal language – english. ok ok, don’t sue me, graduates. i mean english AND bahasa. i mean apart from bahasa, have english too, SMALLER writing than bahasa (satisfied, graduates?).

for example, a place like the airport – imagine if all the signs are in BM only – how will visitors know where to go or what to look for? well, even for place like the post office – english words should accompany BM too. i notice many times, foreigners coming in to the post office to buy stamps or post registered letters, looking around confused, don’t know which counters to go to.

i respect our bahasa kebangsaan – BM, and yes i believe all signs should have BM words. that is for sure and nobody can dispute… but what is so wrong if some other languages or added in… with good reasons? oh, those who oppose, can’t reason eh?

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