arrested for lodging police report!

only in bolehland! where the ‘police di raja malaysia!’ (police is the king in malaysia).

apparently that seemed to be the case. as you can see from this post of mine, the 5 protesters went to the police station to lodge a police report that they had been harassed by the police, that it was their rights to hold a peaceful demonstration…. but on entering the police to lodge the report, they were arrested instead!!!

only in malaysia!  malaysia boleh!

latest news. stanley (one of those 7 arrested) dropped in our office yesterday afternoon so i asked him if he knows of any news of shu shi and chun hong who were only released yesterday morning. he said he just came back from the court where shu shi and chun hong were brought (he and some friends were there to support shu shi and chun hong). 

stanley told me that she is to report on 21 may for the possible charge of being disruptive in the police station, and again on 24 may for the possible charge of holding an illegal assembly! stanley also mentioned that both shu shi and chun hong were not given any food during the time they were in the police lock-up! they were at the police lock-up from around 3.00pm on sunday… right to monday morning, they were denied food. also, it seemed that shu shi’s arms was badly bruised… apparently from the scuffle with the rude arrogant policeman at the police station!! yeah, it was he who started it by shouting at shu shi and now they want to charge her for being ‘disruptive’ at a police station. tsk tsk. only in malaysia!

there’s a brief video at anil’s blog on the scuffle between chun hong and the police. do drop in to have a look.

according to malaysiakini, georgetown OCPD, azam abd hamid, said:

He said the police had no choice but to arrest them for being part of an illegal assembly, causing public disorder and disruption to traffic flow.

“There’s no such thing as a peaceful gathering. They should get a permit to organise a street assembly, otherwise it’s illegal,” he said. (Malaysiakini)

causing public disorder and disruption to traffic flow? oh gee, the usual sing-song from the police whenever a gathering was held… BUT don’t they know it was they themselves who cause the public disorder and disruption to traffic flow!! after all there were more police men than the protesters. if you read stanley’s first hand experience report, he mentioned over 100 police were present and they were fully armed with batons, shield, guns, tear gas (wow! anyone passing by and seeing them would have thought a war is coming up!).. the gathering would have been peaceful and smooth if the police didn’t turned up! it was usually when police turned up during demo gathering that everything went chaos!!

"there’s no such thing as a peaceful gathering" so the OCPD said. huh? excuse me? did i hear you right? as i understand the umno gathering at komtar on 14 march was labeled as a peaceful gathering!! (by the police and by the media). and they were shouting racial remarks and making near seditious comments too. compare that to this recent anti-ISA gathering…. they were just standing around holding banners and distributing leaflets.

"there’s no such thing as a peaceful gathering" – that coming from an OCPD. i don’t know whether to cry or laugh. oh perhaps the OCPD was admitting that at every gathering (EXCEPT UMNO’S!!!), the police and FRU will be out in full force to disrupt the gathering, thus making it NOT PEACEFUL!!! way to go, police yang raja di malaysia!!!

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