featured in clove, the star

UPDATED:  you can read about the feature here, which i had also CnP to mentaljog extra (in case when after some time, the article will disappear from the star).

note: written on 1 oct. after midnight

a very warm welcome to first time visitors who came here after reading the star’s clove. hope you’ll stay and browse through my humble blog… and do return once in a while.

as to those who don’t read the star or don’t know what i’m talking about, well, i am one of the women bloggers featured in today’s clove magazine in the star paper. there’s a feature on women bloggers, and the writer had chosen to feature different kind of bloggers e.g one who blogs on food, lifestyle and socio-political (SoPo). you guess it – i was chosen for the SoPo category of course.

i wish to thank the writer, ee-tan (who blogs at jess’ two Js) for the interview. actually it was someone else (a SoPo blogger too) who recommended me to her, so i guess i should thank that person too (i’m not going to mention name but i’m sure she knows who she is).

i’m flattered that ee-tan choose me because i told her i am not popular at all, but she said she was not looking for popularity. i had told her i have only about 100 hits, why picked me – better pick those who have over 1000 hits instead. she said it doesn’t matter as she wanted ordinary women who blogs on different aspects, doesn’t matter popular or not.  so here i am, for the first time appearing in a national paper. well, i’ll look to it as my 4th anniversary gift! 🙂

note:  the star made a mistake regarding my age – makes me younger! yes, i’m older than that. you can figure it out, i’m sure.

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