yetis sighted in our country

don’t know what is a yeti? how about sasquatch? not familiar? ok, then what about bigfoot? ahh… there you have it. yes, that large, bipedal apelike creature living in the remote wilderness of the jungle.

as you are probably aware by now, bigfoot had been sighted roaming the jungles of southern johor. not only one, but a family! in yesterday’s report said that these mythical ape-like creatures are known as ‘bigfoot’ or ‘sasquatch’ in the US and canada, but known as ‘yetis’ in asia. well, we are in asia, aren’t we? so shouldn’t we use yetis instead of bigfoot? not necessary so i guess, as according to howstuffworks, yeti in asia is a ‘cousin’ of bigfoot. well, cousin comes from the same family so they are the same kind of creatures anyway.

yeti… that’s a nice name. a feminine name for the malays, i believe, though it is spelled with a ‘yati’ instead of ‘yeti’. why refer to an ape-like creatures as yeti? asians are usualy smaller size than their american/european compotraits, so maybe instead of bigfoot, they should refer to it as ‘smallfoot’. OTOH, the skeptical would refer to it as “my foot!” yeah… “my foot! where got bigfoot one? silly people!”. or the sarcastic skeptics would remarked, “my foot! no such thing as bigfoot! we already have so many ape-like creatures in central market and klcc.” (interpret that whatever way you like.) 🙂

does bigfoot… er… i mean yetis exist? are they nothing but just mythical creatures? according to wikipedia, majority of scientists does not believe in the existence of yetis. they believe yetis is a combintion of hoax and myth.

i suppose some malaysians hope that bigfoot do exist as someone had said that the existence of bigfoot in our country can boost tourism!

do you believe in the existence of bigfoot? well, to me, i wouldn’t dismiss the idea of its existence totally. many people had reported seeing it, and most people wouldn’t lie where sightings of strange creatures are concerned. ah, that’s it… strange creatures… perhaps it is not bigfoot they saw but just some other creatures that lives in the jungle. we will never know what strange creatures lives in the remote jungle.

here is an artist’s sketch of how bigfoot should look like (taken from howstuffworks):

wait… let’s not rely on howstuffworks. we have our very own blogger artist viewtru, who gave us an artist impression of how bigfoot should look like too. hop on over to his post and see for yourself.

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