a hotel with no toilet

wow! so i found a cheap hotel in JB (johor bahru). only RM50 for one night. mattress provided, blanket provided… oh but no pillow. well… maybe i can live with that. never mind no pillow as i can make use of the blanket as pillow as after all, i rarely use blanket. oh, but this cheap RM50 per night hotel also says ‘no toilet’.

what? no toilet? sure? ayoh! ini i tak boleh tahan.

gentlemen and gentleladies, welcome to the country’s first prison hotel! JB prison, the country’s oldest prison had been turned into a visitor’s centre, to let you experience ‘the joys of prison life’ (ha! so that was how the report went). joys? hmm… must ask some ex-prisoners, how was their prison life – was it a joy?

how come many people don’t know about this unique hotel? (i bet you don’t know too, right?). according to abdul wahab kassim, a senior prison department official it is because of lack of publicity. well, why don’t they go on a publicity drive then? i can just imagine the advertisement…

when you are in JB, you don’t have to commit a crime to stay in a prison – just pay us RM50 and we will throw you in a prison cell – your accomodation solved!

how’s the ad? think can attract people? how about this:

be a prisoner a day! come and stay with us! it’s a joy to experience an experience of a lifetime which you might not get the opportunity to experience… unless you want it FOC.

seriously speaking, i don’t mind giving it a try but as i said, the no toilet part bother me. i need to ‘let go’ everyday before i turn in for sleep… and also when i wake up. hmm… perhaps i’ll just check in when i want to sleep (making sure i already let go before checking in) and quickly check out as soon as i get up.

how about you guys? wanna give the prison hotel a go?

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