can recommend cheap budget hotel in langkawi?

i’ll be going to langkawi this weekend… no, not on a holiday but on a mission actually. more about it later. this is just a short post to ask if anyone can recommend a good budget hotel in langkawi. we are very tight on budget and would like to have a room around RM50… at least maybe not over RM80. oh and it is for 3 of us. yalah… looks like we are very the pokai... the RM50 to be share by 3 of us too. a colleague had recommend the twin peak resort, which i found out cost RM58 but i want to have more choices. need to be cheap but comfortable and not dirty. some people had said that several cheap hotel/resort/chalet are not so clean, so scared lah to get those dirty, smelly hotels. oh and what about car rental company? any to recommend too?

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