islamic training school for militants right here?

well well, what do you know… according to thai PM, thaksin, some of the islamic militants suspected of waging a year-long separatist insurgency in southern thailand were trained in none other than our very own country!

he said they were trained in the jungle of the kelantan state in islamic schools
there, of which our govt. has no knowledge of it at all.

thailand, had arrested 4 suspected mastermind in the thai south violence. in the meantime, thaksin believed that one suspected separatist wanted by thailand had fled to malaysia.

well, it kind of figures. suspected training centre for militants in malaysia, and the suspect running to malaysia to hide. malaysia boleh!

if i remember correctly, regarding the bali bombing, one of the suspect was from malaysia too, right? and there was also this news of a certain company in malaysia supplying some arms or whatever to militants… sorry am very rusty concerning this matter so not sure at all.

hmm… does all this sound scary?

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