blog re-vamping

yes i had not been blogging for a long time. many reasons. 

first was because i suddenly felt something's not right with my blog. then after i had switch host, i was suppose to change my blog template/design but i have no time to do it. it's not a simple thing of just click here and there. i did try once to change… but faced problems with the layout. so i gotta really sit down and spent a lot of time if i really want to change the whole thing (re-vamp).

then lately i had been busy writing to citizen journalists (CJMY) under malaysiakini. do visit the site. my article can be found here as direct link.  of course too i had been busy at facebook. yes i update a lot (current  news issues and personal issues) on facebook daily. (so do visit these 2 links for my updates – personal and articles).

i will still blog only once in a long while. i'm not too sure if i start to blog regularly, i might start anew/afresh or what. start anew… meaning with new name, new domain. since this blog of mine had been inactive, there has been no visitors already so maybe have to start afresh, but the fear of starting afresh is that i will lose all the posts i have here in this blog. so maybe i won't start afresh at all. i'll just start new design/template.

i will still come and blog here once in a long while but in the meantime, if you want to keep update with me, do visit my facebook or CJMY.  i hope to have a new blog template soon, of which then i'll try to update often.

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