off to ‘cat’ state

tomorrow i’ll be catching the morning air asia flight to kuching. main purpose is to attend our society of  st vincent de paul national council AGM. i’m not a delegate but i’m attending as an observer (partly on account of me being the website administrator).

the AGM will be on saturday morning but we are arriving one day earlier and leaving one day late… to makan angin (sight seeing) in kuching.  oh by ‘we’ i mean my sister and my mother. my sister is a delegate. my mum of course will not be joining us during the meeting but only the sight-seeing. we’ll be meeting our cousin there, who had kindly offer to show us around.

oh yeah, we’ll be staying at the telang usan hotel and the meeting is also there of course. delegates from all over the states will be present and this time we will have some foreign observers too. i understand that the telang usan hotel is the only hotel run by the orang ulu in kuching. well, looking at the picture and some review, it’s not that bad.

i’ll be bringing my laptop… in case there’s anything to be updated at the website, or anything to write about the AGM. er… ok i confess, actually more because of i want to use it to go online! haha. can’t get by a day without internet. though my HTC phone can access internet with my maxis wi-fi modem, but the phone screen is too small, not good to look at it for a long time.

this will be my first time to set foot in kuching so yes, need to go sight seeing (especially to do with culture and heritage) and to…. eat eat eat! try out sarawak food. oh and to buy buy buy! buying souvenirs and local food and handicrafts.

ok since i’ll be having my laptop with me, i can still blog (if need to). either i will blog or update on facebook or both! blog only when there’s much to say.  ok since i don’t have anything else to say now, i’d better end here. wish me happy holiday… oh, and any tips for me in visiting kuching? recommendations of good food to eat, good local foodstuff to buy back, good places to visit – anything are most welcome.

watch out the city of the cat – here i come!

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