talk by activist bk ong, who was recently deported from sarawak

oh dear me! my dear fellow penangite friend, bk ong, who is now amay.  sarawak had been like a home to him since he was practically staying in sarawak all the time.  why was he deported? according to him, some politicans ‘fear’ him for all the exposure he had been doing, especially in vote buying, which he said, he has proof.

hmm…. so BN is running scared eh.  remember earlier, before the sarawak state elections, three persons were not permitted to enter sarawak? all those three i had met before, especially haris ibrahim.  wong chin huat was another person, whom i had met twice and talked to briefly. ambiga (ex bar council president, now bersih head) i only heard her talk in a forum, but not talk to her. well, these three activists were barred from entering sarawak during the state election. and now… bk ong, who was already in sarawak, was kicked out!

read bk ong’s personal account about his deportation at the sarawak news blog.

oops. i had actually said i will not be blogging until i get my blog ‘spring-cleaned’ but i just have to blog about this since bk ong is a good friend and also i need to inform this –  AN INVITATION TO A TALK BY BK ONG!  the following is what he wrote:

Invitation to a talk: Sarawak’s interior-the unseen side of a political kingmaker

Introduction: Sarawak has been a potential king maker in Malaysian politics since the political tsunami of 2008. However the interior of Sarawak where most of the seats are located have been seldom reported and understood. More understanding between the interior and the outside world is badly needed for democratisation in Sarawak and Malaysia to proceed. Without that the outside world will continue to wonder why the oppressed natives continue to vote the same way for the past half a century and cannot figure out a way forward.

Date, time, venue : May 29th 2011(Sunday) 8.00pm D’ Space(62 Weld Quay, Penang)

Speaker: Ong Boon Keong, Coordinator of Malaysian Election Observers Network, just being deported from Sarawak due to activities to expose corruption in Sarawak’s 10th state elections. Ong has been a local as well as international election observer since 2004.

Videos will be shown in the presentation.

Organiser: MEO-Net, a network of civil society involved in election observation & voter education. MEO-Net’s members have been observing Sarawak’s elections since 2006.

Enq.013-5900339 (Ong)




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