2malaysia is one year old

yes, the 2malaysia facbook group i started is one years old yesterday. unfortunately though, for the past few months, it had not been active.  i made the mistake of starting a group instead of a page. according to someone, a page has more advantages – one being that whatever was posted to a page, will appears in the member’s wall, which means to say, there is publicity! also, for group, when it achieve over 5000 members, i can’t sent out messages to members anymore.  thus you see, less publicity, so it had slowly become quiet. also of course the fact of me not being a famous or popular person, not many wants to join.

in the first few months, the membership rose quite fast and high, and discussions were active too but later on, things seemed to die down. well i wanted to send messages to all members to remind them about the group or to urge them to start some discussion but i can’t! (see, should have started a page). anyway, whatever, i still visit it often, though i don’t post often.

then suddenly on 21 feb, lo and behold, i notice a 2malaysia page appearing on facebook! the person who started this 2malaysia page also started a 2malaysia website.  i heard someone mentioning it is an ‘official’ website. i was puzzled. what did he mean by official. i later found out that the website was started by someone in pakatan rakyat (PR).  hmm… then the facebook page is also official eh? so i guess the persons who started it must be popular than eh? look! not even a week of its birth, it already have over 2000 members! i’m sure in one months time, it will have over 5000 members. compare that to my poor 2malaysia group, in one year, over 5000 members.

needless to say i will still maintain my 2malaysia group. i will still post on it. i will still introduce people to it. hey, i’m not from PR, and for sure i’m not from BN, so my 2malaysia is non partisan, see.  if there is anything 2malaysia coming from PR, i’ll post about it or encourage the members to post it. whereas i guses the 2malaysia page since it is from PR, it will only post anything against BN.

btw, ain’t my 2malaysia logo (2 types here) much more prettier than theirs eh? well i have witsO to thank for that. he was the one who designed it. hey long time no see witsO around. wonder what happened to him.

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