favourite pass-time in malaysia: lodging police report

… and thus no wonder our police are so busy acting on these police reports that they have no time go be out there to catch criminals…. and oh of course they only act fast on police reports made by umno or umno”s proxy for extremism, perkasa.

i’m sure many of you would have been aware that lately there were so many reports, especially from perkasa and oh well… friends of perkasa espcially against opposition MPs. e.g. the police report against serdang MP teo for entering a surau, the police report against PJ MP tony pua for making a remark about doing away with discount for bumi buying house over RM500K. the police report against nurul izzah for an article she wrote about article 153, the police report against namewee’s ‘nah’ video, the police report against a christian preacher of something happened 6 years ago…… the list goes on and on non stop (you get to know more from the hartal msm blog – mentioned below).  and at all those reports, sooner than you can say “i-bra-him!”, the police had called in those people (who were reported against) for questioning.

wait! hold your horses. the best is yet to come… yesterday BTN deputy director, hamim, lodged a police report against the malaysian insider for reporting on his racist remarks of ‘si mata sepet’ and ‘si botol‘.  gosh! will the malaysian insider reporter be called in for questioning by the police soon? will perkasa demand for the reporter to be ISA-ed because the reporter, as the perkasa youth chief, aman, said is “jeopardising the country’s racial harmony”?   and why is perkasa protecting hamin? more interestingly enough to ask – why did hamin, a civil servant, and obviously a umno member,  partner with perkasa to lodge the police report? what’s this we hear… umno does not support perkasa, perkasa does not support umno?

incidentally, speaking about the perkasa youth chief, arman ,  the blog hartal msm had an interesting take about him being present at so many police report incidents.  read it ans see for yourself.

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