ok, this si sepet mata will balik cina!

… with my kaki botol friend, muthu, who will balik india.

whooa!! there seems to be no end to racist remarks directed at non malays these days… i’m sure you noticed.

everybody remember only too well the racist remarks from the principal in johor… when this has not died down yet, popped came another… this time, horror! from a deputy director of the BTN (national service bureau). remember sometime back, there were a lot of hue and cry over the national service? when many youth fell sick and die or many youth were bullied and we also heard of youth sticking to their own race… now we know why… the BTN has a racist deputy! also, wonder if you guys remember the hue and cry about BTN indoctrination course being very racist.  there were even real witnesses speaking up – malay youth in BTN who testified that the course was racist.

and now we heard it right from the mouth of the deputy director of BTN – testimony to him being racist, so of course strengthen what was said about the BTN course being racist.

what is becoming of our country? racial tension seems to be growing! don’t forget… just recently, our very own ex PM too making racist comments when he talked about malay losing power if a non malay become a PM. look way further… our DPM acknowledging he is a malay first, malaysian second.

if our leaders themselves are racist, what more the ‘little napoleons’ and the civil servants! and all these will, i fear, rub on the younger generation. once someone at facebook related a story that he and his wife were walking along in jalan hartamas, KL, when they ran into a group of about 5 – 6 young malay men. as they approached near this group, a few of them began to tease him and his wife and then one started to shout “balik cina lah!” and the others joined in.  frightening eh? will it come to one day that non malays fear to walk on the streets?

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