penang umno at it again…

... singing the same old song that the penang government is anti malay.  see here, an excerpt from malaysiakini (of which the full article is CnP below):

State Umno Youth economic bureau chairperson Aziaan Ariffin accused the state government of discriminating against Malay petty traders.

“After the state government demolished Malay hawker stalls, it is now preventing Malay traders from earning a living,” he told reporters.

“This shows that the DAP leaders are practising favouritism and are displaying a very racist attitude.  Penang Umno Youth will act more aggressively if this problem is not resolved immediately.”

look who’s talking!! it was they themselves who are racist and they were attacking the penang govt. as racist.

‘demolish malay hawkers stalls” – not true at all. well yes they govt might have demolish malay hawkers stall… but only because they did not follow proper procedures, and the govt. had also demolished non malay hawkers stall that did not follow procedures.

in this instance of the malay traders at komtar… if you read the article by susan loone, then the explanation by PDC, you’ll find that the malay traders did not follow laws/procedures, so they were not allowed to trade but umno just had to instigate the traders against the govt.  every little thing the govt do against the malays, umno will come crying the govt is anti malay. then what if what the malays did are against the law? for example setting up illegal stalls along the roadside or five foot way. they did wrong, so naturally had to be demolished but umno came in to say the penang govt is against the malays.  then because of the federal govt and the police backing them, most of the time, unfortunately, the penang govt has to give in to them.  sheeshh!! i’m beginning to get so tired hearing this.

‘penang umno youth will act more aggressively if this problem is not resolved immediately’.  woo! scary. and if they do act aggressively, the police will just stood still and watch! what about this protest at komtar’s 3rd level outside the govt office? why it was mentioned about 10 policemen were present but they did notthing. it was an illegal gathering!! the police were quick to stop the anti isa protestors at speakers square on 1 aug saying it was an illegal assembly but these malays traders gathering there… not illegal assembly? why no stop them? sheeeshh!! i’m beginning to get so tired hearing this.

KMA vice chairperson, mamak ghani also said if the problem is not solved, they will organise a larger demonstration. whoaa! ok lah, why not this friday – your infamous after friday prayer protest!  after pray, pray, come out to shout, shout.

ok lah. real tired and real fed up so i’m going to let others do the talking. please  read the 2 articles from malaysiakini, and one of it, i have include the comments – there at the comments, you can hear the people talking… mostly all i fully agreed with.

there are also links to an explanation by PDC and PDC a press statement.


Komtar Malay traders rally over Ramadan stalls

Susan Loone
Aug 9, 10

A group of Malay traders has protested against the Penang government for barring them from operating their stalls in the Komtar building during the month of Ramadan.

The group, led by the Komtar Merchants Association (KMA), gathered in front of the state government office on the third floor earlier today.

About 10 policemen stood by observing the situation but did not take any action.

The 27 traders claimed that Komtar Restoration Committee chairperson and Komtar assemblyperson Ng Wei Aik had made the decision to prevent them from operating the stalls.

They said they had only been notified yesterday and had already made preparations to operate through the Muslim fasting month.

KMA vice-chairperson Mohamed Ghani Abdul Jiman (right) said that, if the matter is not resolved today, the group will organise a larger demonstration.

“We want to act step by step. If there are too many people, itwould be difficult to control the situation,” he said.

He said that a rally during the weekend would have seen more participants. Fewer than 100 turned up today.

State Umno Youth economic bureau chairperson Aziaan Ariffin accused the state government of discriminating against Malay petty traders.

“After the state government demolished Malay hawker stalls, it is now preventing Malay traders from earning a living,” he told reporters.

“This shows that the DAP leaders are practising favouritism and are displaying a very racist attitude.  Penang Umno Youth will act more aggressively if this problem is not resolved immediately.”

Protestors irresponsible

PDC properties senior manager Mohd Bazid Abdul Kahar countered the claim, saying the situation has nothing to do with racism.

“It is irresponsible to play on racial sentiments (and to say) that the Malay traders are being oppressed, just to cover up KMA’s failure to pay rental to PDA and its failure to manage the Ramadan bazaar according to rules and regulations,” he said in a statement today.

Mohd Bazid said the plan to allow traders to operate in Komtar during Ramadan had been discussed at a meeting with the Komtar committee on Aug 5, and that KMA representatives had been present.

The meeting discussed ways to control the number of stalls to prevent congestion at the entrance of the state government office. A similar situation had led to problems last year.

“As there are already 20 stalls operating on the 3rd floor, PDC has decided to only lease out another 10 spaces at a rental of RM50 per day, the same fee we charge the other stall operators,” he said.

“The approval for the stalls was issued to KMA on the afternoon of Aug 6.”

Speedy solution

Mohd Bazid claimed that KMA had then put up 27 stalls without paying any rental – 17 more than the agreed number.

“PDC is not preventing the stalls from being operated but wants to ensure that rental is paid by KMA and that the procedures laid down by the PDC are complied with.

“It is not right to blame PDC when KMA collected the fees from the 27 traders but (did not remit this) to PDC.”

He said KMA had also acted out of line when dealing with the traders, resulting in their feeling ‘victimised’ and then blaming the PDC for their problems.

However, in order to resolve the matter quickly, PDC has now agreed to allow the additional 17 traders to operate in Komtar.

The 10 stalls originally approved will operate on the fourth floor to prevent congestion on the third floor, but the rental will be RM25. The PDC issued a letter of approval to the traders today.

But if the KMA continues to withhold the rental, the PDC and the enforcement unit will take action against the traders, warned Mohd Bazid.


COMMENTS (as of 0050 hrs, 10 aug)

DontPlayGod The laws and regulations should be followed and adhered to. I am sure UMNO/BN will agree to this. But UMNO are trying to turn everything into racism. This is the only line of attack they know since they have been using it(racism) for last 5 decades.

VS-1965 Bernama reports that Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the action of the Penang government in allegedly preventing the Malays from doing business at the ‘Bazaar Ramadan’ at the Komtar was unfair. ………… and what the $%^&*&^%$ does this moron know about the situation.

wfworker Only people with the mentality of Hitler would certainly behaved like him! What superiority? Using mob instinct?? People should not deal with such traders and see how much they would protest! Of course LGE has to play his card right! This is definitely instigated!!

Anonymous There is a reason for the mamak to behave that way, they championing the Malay rights. Any minority would like to align to a majority in order to have a sense of belonging. The very close to their origin, the Indians will not accept them. The Chinese, it is just too difficult to relate Mamak with Chinese. So the best is Malay lah of course, so that they can call themselves bumiputera. The classic example is Mahathir. This mamak who champion the malay race like nobody’s business even though he is just like other races, Kaum Pendatang. He just wanted himself to be accpeted as Malay and then be the PM. He then spent money and treated Malaysia as his own piggy bank (Read the “Malaysian Maverick” to find out more). I love mamak store but I really hate these mamak who are just pretenders and hypocrites. Not sure if KMA makan wang but it is clear that in this case KMA is being made used of by Umno to sabo PR Penang Government.It is not realistic for the malays to do biz without paying rent

anonymous Just boycott buying food and drinks from these irresponsible traders, but ensure they pay their rentals, if not, kick them out to oblivion. Nak jadi lebih Melayu daripada Melayu tapi pada hakikatnya bukannya Melayu. Orang macam ini yang buat kacau dimana-mana, khasnya Umno. Kiralah dengan jari-jari kamu, berapakah ‘Melayu’ macam begitu di Umno?

MMamakkutty. This mamak bastard has no iota any Malayism yet talk about We malays?? Thwy will sewll their backside their mothers and wives and sisters to take advantage of the situation to cheat the real MMalays of their benefits. No 1 gangster collects monies and not remit to the authority. Daylight robbery!.. Anyway if these defaulters dont deserfve a place in Komtar it will be given other deserving Malays so what is the problem? it is only trhe Mamak pundaiyandis and MF who always twist and turn for their own benefit esp in Penang.

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Jesmine Joseph By the way KMA, was your police permit approved for the gathering? Was it approved on site? … for the rest who are non BN supportes it has been said that getting police permits are quite difficult… FYI…

Alan Goh Wah,KMA is like mafia,collecting money from traders and not paying rental to PDC.PDC approves additional 10 stalls but KMA sets up 27…as usual,when everything fails,just turn it into a racial issue.. YB LGE,dont give in to these unruly gangsters and now UMNO wants to step wonder Malaysia is slowly slipping into anarchy and FDI drops by 81%. Even if I have the money,I dont think I am prepared to invest in Malaysia when there is no law and order. Next Perkasa will step in with the raja katak unsheating his keris…turning the issue into a circus with clowns calling the shots..

Dark Lord Twiggie Since they are so into race, first thing I would love to point out is…..that Ghani dude definitely isn’t Malay!

Jesmine Joseph It is not right to blame PDC when KMA collected the fees from the 27 traders but (did not remit this) to PDC.” …did everyone catch this statement…. OMG…In the name of saving the race terang terang shows the real intent of UMNO’s tru colors …BIG joke…..Let’s see with the lower rental would KMA still keep the cash or remit the money to PDC….My fellow Malaysian Moslems, selamat berpuasa!

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V Semua isu perkauman..tak habis-habis…tolonglah bayar sewa…semua nak buta…UMNO carilah isu yang benar-benar nak tuntut hak rakyat…semua tak kena di Penang ….yang bising lebih ini mamak…entah mana pi semua melayu.

gunena These “people” are taking every opportunity to create racial provocation leveraging on populist issue of reigion, disriminating of certain race during the festivities, with hope the impact to gain disdain against the government. If this is the strategy, the country will go bankrupt very fast, probably before 2019. I just find this kind of tactics hilarious and disgrace.

hello These KMA officials must be having the mentality of Umnoputras by exploiting the situation and profitting by it! Luckily they are confronted by a PR government and they tried protesting and making a lot of noise to cover their greed and cheating of their fellow stall operators! The police should arrest the KMA official responsible for this but they stand idly by for the situation to get worse! Its still not too late, they, the police should arrest the KMA officials for cheating!

anonymous cmlimguaneng : Utusan dan UMNO sokong penganjur pungut sewa peniaga Ramadan tapi tak beri kpd Komtar.Penganjur tak bayar main pula perkauman taktik jahat ….tweet of Lim Guan Eng.

X-umno Macam kebulur sangat peniaga2 melayu tersebut tanpa menyelidiki perkara yg sebenar. Pantang ada yg menjolok. Tertololong sana dan sini. Tak peduli tempat berniaga itu sempit ke, ada ruang ke, sewa dah bayar ke, dll.asal mereka bolih berniaga. Buruk perangai.

anonymous Betulkah mereka ini ‘Melayu’? Melayu macam inikah? Lebih tepat mereka in Melayu Umno, bukan macam Melayu lain yang bertanggungjawab.

lim chong leong So now Malays need not pay rent and no one can evict them because that is racist? And a Chinese teacher cannot punish a Malay student for wrong doing because it will be racist? Dam stupid this Umno. Everything is Malay Chinese Indian and Others.

Perak Boleh It is just a bunch of mamaks stirring shit for UMNO to make excuses at the Penang State Government. The true breed malays are the peace loving kind and are being maginalised by the mamaks of Penang.

Kgen Obviously the Penang govt is being bullied by the racist KMA at the instigation of Umno.

Call me Jibby Can PDC sue KMA for criminal breach of trust? No doubt KMA’s member must be formed by UMNO. Most of the time, Mamak tends to be more “Malay” and “Islamic” than Malay in playing racial issue, one of ex-PM for example introducing Ketuanan Mamak.

pissed Expect more such distubances this coming holy month by UMNO…they will use this holy moth to psread thier filth.Allah is watching…unfortunately his wrath is not swift…but they will pay eventually.

What’s this? That ‘Mamak’ Mohd Gani is a shit stirrer & behaves more Malay than the Malays. When rental is not paid (or pocketed by him?) he tries to turn it into a racial issue. Luckily most Malays in Penang are not that stupid to listen to him. Worst, the stupid UMNO youths also jump in. Our Kannan Kutty has a replacement in Penang. Mamaks’nasi kandar stalls in Penang may suffer if this Mamak Gani talks too much!

KAZAKH please identify these KMA traders.. we should boycott these traders let they eat shits if they wants to associate with shitters like the KMA

MorningSun This dirty trick is a conspiracy of KMA with Syaitan dominated UMNO to sabotage Penang State Government! Aziaan Ariffin should be detained under ISA for making racial statements intended to fan up racial tension! Someone there must make a police report though will be in vain!

Ferdtan KMA vice-chairperson, a Penang mamak again?

Loyal Malaysian Only because they are Malays and UMNOputras can they get away with this bullying tactic!!

Jiminy Qrikert As PDC properties senior manager, Mohd Bazid Abdul Kahar has to do his job. And as a professional he needs to address the problem at the core – if there’s a limited amount of space for trading and those already allocated space have not had their rental submitted by KMA to PDC, then PDC has every right to prevent them from trading.It has nothing to do with race!But now, due to KMA leveling accusations of racial discrimination, the original allocation of 10 spaces has been increased to 27. But KMA is still NOT paying PDC the rental they collected. So, what does this really mean? It is very evident that this small group of bigots is simply exploiting racial sentiments to bully the PR-led authorities into submission. This is typical UMNO-BN. The more they do this the less Malays will respect them. Bangkit Melayu!

mamboking Someone should make a police report and then sue KMA for stealing the Traders money!!

1Malaysia This are the racial sentimen played by KMA. I would advise the public to make police report and sue the bastards for what they said….preventing malay traders from doing business. This is all rubissih cause we know no way the present govt will do that.KMA as usuall i suppose want to makn duit here from the 10 traders…..previous CM boleh tutup mata makan gaji buta but dont espect the same from the present govt. This one is very efficient and see how smart are tey to act immediately…. tahi anjing kena muka …kakakahlalalalal. DGood job PKR i wont be suprised if the ten are their cronies…kakakakakakakakkak. Buat wayang dalan bilik lah tak laku sekarang…


KMA slammed for exploiting Ramadhan stall owners

Susan Loone
Aug 9, 10

The Pakatan Rakyat Youth wing has come out speedily to defend the DAP-led Penang government over allegations by Malay traders that it was practising favouritism and racism in preventing them from operating their Ramadhan stalls in Komtar.

At a press conference this afternoon, Pakatan Youth vice-chief Mohd Rizal Abdul Hamid alleged that the Komtar Merchants Association (KMA), which led a demonstration at Komtar today, was trying to exploit the Malay traders.

According to Mohd Rizal, KMA had planned to only pay the Penang Development Corporation, which manages the building, a total sum of RM5,000 for rental of the premises for the Ramadhan stalls, although the fee was stipulated to be RM50 per stall per day, totalling RM47,250.

“Since the KMA collected RM60 per day from each trader, ultimately they will earn RM56,700 (27 traders x RM60 x 35 days), which is a lot,” he alleged.

n other words, KMA is allegedly collecting an excess of RM9,450 over what they are being charged, in addition to retaining all but RM5,000 of the money collected from the traders.

‘Practice only benefits KMA’

Pakatan Youth secretary and Komtar assemblyperson Ng Wei Aik said such a practice was just benefitting KMA, who is acting as the middleman, while the traders continued to be exploited.

“Do not just emphasise on profits, this is not the way to take care of their members,” said Ng to KMA vice-president Mohamed Ghani Abdul Jiman.

“This is why PDC proposed the rental fee of RM50 per day, where KMA can still make a profit. Income generated by the state will still return to the people,” he added.

Ng, who is in charge of the Komtar Restoration Committee, claimed the annual Bazar Ramadhan was previously managed by an Umno crony company.

“However, since the contract expired, the PDC gave it to KMA instead,” he added.

Pakatan Youth chief Syed Mikael added that stalls at the Bazar Ramadhan had to be limited, as too many of them would cause congestion on the 3rd floor of the Komtar building.

“He said the state had received complaints from civil servants and shop owners about the congestion, as the space is small, and they are also concerned about security,” he said.

“The Penang government would never chase away the Malay traders. We will always defend those who carry on their business with proper licences,” he added.

‘Not told to pay up’

Meanwhile, Mohamed Ghani is furious that the PDC has ‘twisted’ the issue.

He dismissed the allegations that KMA had not settled the rental fees for the stalls although the association had reportedly collected the money from the traders.

He said he had been dealing with the traders and the PDC for 12 years, and usually the latter issues an approval for the stalls to run their businesses before collecting payment.

But now that the state government has changed (from BN to Pakatan Rakyat), the state is creating problems for the traders, he said.

KMA slammed for exploiting Ramadhan stall owners

We are not a company that we can release the cash immediately. We have to go back to our members and the traders to tell them about the latest developments,” he added.

Mohamed Ghani (right) also claimed that during a PDC-KMA meeting on Aug 5, the state government had agreed to 27 traders and not only 10, as stated by its senior manager Mohamed Bazid Abdul Kahar.

“And we were only told about the payment at 6.45pm on Aug 6, which is already too late for us to get any feedback from the traders,” he added.

Earlier this morning 27 traders, led by KMA, held a small demonstration outside the state government office on level 3 at the Komtar building to protest at not being able to run their stalls at the bazaar when Ramadhan begins the day tomorrow.

State Umno Youth economic bureau chairperson Aziaan Ariffin had also accused the DAP government of racism.

Mohd Bazid said the group was informed about the number of traders allowed at the bazaar, and the rental fees to be paid, before they started their businesses.


PDC dismiss utusan reports allows,  all traders to set up stalls.

the statement from PDC

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