1malaysia at work!

oh how sweet!

teachers can be involved in politics
sure. but only if they support BN.  1malaysia = 1BN

– the lingam tape scandal is a thing of the past, said the chief justice, do not dwell on it anymore.
sure.  but chin peng’s communist work so long long in the past, yet they dwell on it all the time, not allowing him to return to malaysia. (latest news)

–  construction of the mazu (goddess of the sea) statue in sabah on its original site was turned down by federal court.   however sabah CM was so sweet to offer then an alternative location. it’s 1malaysa, see.

– the cow head protesters (umno’s machai) were left off with just a small RM1000 fine.
oh yeah 1rule for umno  1malaysia so 1 rule. the rest (non umno supporters) are not part of 1malaysia.

– the court of appeal until now has not set a date for the controversial ‘allah word’ court case (6 months already).
but the court of appeal was so fast to set a date for the perak illegal MB, mamak zambry after he first lost his ‘menteri vs menteri’ court case.

i can go on and on but you would be bored as probably you knew too, if not much more than me. so i’ll stop now but before i go…


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