citizen journalism conference in KL

this morning will be taking the aeroline bus to KL. going to attend the citizen journalist (CJ) conference. it is held in conjunction with world press freedom day which falls on 3 may. the conference will be held at central market annexe for 2 days, 1 and 2 may. there will be an exhibition. (hey my photo – among many of the CJs… or rather VCJ as most of them are VCJ actually – will be up on exhibit too, so do drop in central market annexe during the weekend if you are free or passing by.

interesting programs are lined up during the 2 days. some programs are open to public, some to us CJs only.

all of us out-station CJs will be staying at tune hotel one night, courtesy of malaysiakini (thanks, malaysiakini).  however i’ll be there one day earlier (where i have to foot the room rate). also i’ll be leaving only on monday morning. sunday after the programme, going to meet up with my good friend, sharon for dinner, then to her house to stay the night.

oh i’ll be bringing my notebook (and i have my maxis broadband modem) thus i can still get connected. thank god for that… otherwise i’ll suffer withdrawal syndrome. lol. oh but i can still get connected if without notebook using my mobile phone but that will cost me a bomb. the aeroline bus has a lounge where i can sit on the sofa with my notebook on a table and using electricity supply. great! even the individual seats are provided with a power socket.

ok i’m looking forward to meeting my fellow CJ again (more of VCJ!) and also new CJ.

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