weekend launch: to register 2 million voters

do you know there are about 5 million unregistered voters out there? and do you know the election commission is not doing anything about it or maybe i better say, not really making an effort to get them registered.  tidak apa attitude i suppose.

anyway, thank god, some creative youth had taken the initiative to do a registration exercise. they targeted to register 2 million voters by end of this year.  the youth called themselves EPIC (extraordinary people impacting community) and the registration of voters campaign they are embarking on is known as ‘voice for choice’.

the ‘voice for choice’ initiative will be launched on 3 and 4 april at the following venues:

1.  subang parade

2.  amcorp mall

3.  cineleisure, kota damansara

voters registration booth will be opened at all the above 3 venues on both days of 3 & 4 april from 10.00am to 10.00pm.

if you have not register yet, go there and register. if you have but know of anyone who have not, ask them to go register there. we have to make sure that all of us have a say in electing our government come the next election.

please spread this to everyone. blog about it. put up on your website,  facebook and twitter.  we need to spread the this info to all so that many will turn up to register.

for more information, please remember to go to the EPIC’s  blog or to haris ibrahim’s blog.

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