bring it on!! (GE13)

ok! so parliament had been dissolved yesterday (FINALLY!!) and i can't wait for the general election… to vote anything but umno – ABU! asalkan bukan umno!!

like my buddy, martin jalleh, i hope to update my blog regularly now that GE is approaching. been busy updating this and that at facebook all the time but i need to update in my blog too as i can 'talk' more here. haha. beside, whatever i blog here will also appear on my facebook.

well i guess for now it doesn't matter that my blog is still 'something wrong' and i had been saying countless of times i need to update/edit my blog…. the format/design i mean… but never get down to doing it. never mind, it is still readable though so  for the moment, i'll continue using this design.

ok! about the GE! first, some basic information for all. providing links to some election related websites. first of all, of course our very own election commission (EC), otherwise known in our local lingua as SPR.

sururhanjaya pilihanraya  (SPR in bahasa) or election commission (EC) website website or the alternative website under pru13

to check your voter status from the website: daftar or alternative website 1, alternative website 2 under pru13

note: most probably the link ''  won't be working, so better all the time use the link '' instead.

to check your voter status via sms:
type <SPR> space <SEMAK IC. NO.> and send to no. 15888

to check or enquire from SPR, call the no. 03-88856565

ok, that's all on SPR.  do you know you can help a lot in the GE, especially to spot (and report) cheating if you sign up as a 'pemantau' (observer)? bersih 2.0 is still looking for pemantau.

beside being pemantau, you can also be either one of this – PACABA. 'pacaba' stands for polling agent, counting agent, barung (booth) agent. one site that is filled with very informative info on pacaba is tindak malaysia. click on its link to visit it.
oh of course, don't forget MAFREL (malaysian for free and fair election) website too. i was a MAFREL observer (accredited and with pass too!) during the march 8 GE! u will be talking about it in my later post.
malaysiakini, my favourite online news portal, has come out with an interesting, informative and interactive website on the election. everything you need to know about the election at the click of your mouse. it's simply known as 'undi info'.
ok, that's about all for the time being. tomorrow, i'll put up an interesting info-graphic where at a glance you'll get to know about the voting process and also about the state and parliament seats.

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