now hishamuddin says IGP is quitting…

… that’s ok because he is home minister. when china press mentioned it, all hell broke loose. within hours, show cause letter issued and a rep. from china press summoned to the ministry.

china press, for speaking the truth, made kerismuddin jumped up like cacing kena abu. and it’s only a small matter too. when big serious matters like the seditious and racist comments utusan malaysia spewed out, kerismuddin tidur macam bayi.  what a great home minister we have!

why kerismuddin jumped up? ohh.. how dare china press mentioned IGP is resigning before he mentioned it!!  oh well, let him have his day.

from freemalaysia:

“What we have done is the same as what we did with Al-Islam and The Star. If the explanation is not reasonable, we will view it in that context,” he told reporters in the Parliament lobby.

huh? when did he issued show-cause letter or even warning to al islam? the star, yes, because gunasegeran wrote the truth that hurts the extremist muslim and umnoputera. there was no action from him towards al-islam… just like no action whatsoever towards utusan malaysia!!!

mr home minister, you are no good at lying but you are sure good at propagating 2malaysia!!!

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