human rights day

HRdaytoday, 10 dec. is human rights day.

this year’s focus is on non discrimination.

yes we should not discriminate people especially the migrants, refugees and the indigenous people.

oh well, don’t go that far…. should tell those cow-head idiots not to discriminate their own fellow malaysians as second class citizens!!

the 4 days that i was in johor recently was to attend the ‘exodus workshop’ which focus on our church pastoral works towards migrants.  the word ‘migrants’ cover also refugees, itinerants, stateless people and so on.  (see my interview article of the chairman of the organiser – you’ll get some info there).  learned a lot, yes esp. on the rights of migrants, that we should not discriminate them. well wait till i have my article about the workshop up on herald and UCAN and i’ll put up the links.

aliran had also recently came out with a press release regarding the rights of migrants.

and speaking of human rights, of course i wouldn’t miss to point out that our dear PM had failed the annual human rights test set by SUARAM.

ok everybody, not only today, but all the time, remember that the respect for human rights and human dignity “is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”. 

NOTE: picture here taken from this website.

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