why ban the sale of alcohol…

… when it should be ban the purchase of alcohol by muslim instead!!!

uh oh sorry, i’m being silly. muslim already not allowed to drink alcohol, so of course they will not buy alcohol.

so? then why ban the sale of alcohol?

if they (muslim) know it is ‘haram’ to drink alcohol, so of course they shouldn’t be buying alcohol. then, in that case, what’s the problem if alcohol are on sale?

oh no. don’t tell me… is PAS (or whoever calling for the ban) telling us that they don’t trust their own fellow muslim, that they might not have strong will power to resist alcohol because of it being on sale?

reminds me of the issue of the herald, the catholic weekly using the ‘allah’ word.  those muslim group who oppose the use were saying the word ‘allah’ used in a christian publication might CONFUSE muslim, especially the young muslim. they have so little faith in their own kind, see.

yes, why ban the sale of alcohol when there are others who don’t feel it is wrong to drink it? hey, my church say it is wrong to use condom… so am i and all my fellow christians going to ask for a ban on the sale of condom? or rather will my church leaders ask for the ban? certainly not! we will just NOT buy the condoms though they are on sale. and if there are those who did buy it secretly, they have themselves to answer to god.

same logic applies to the sale of alcohol.

so, why want to ban the sale of alcohol?

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