our MC was arrested

our MC, paula of masterwordsmith-unplugged blog was arrested at the anti-ISA candlelight vigil last night. went to the police station at 9.30pm. 6 of us organisers, several from the press (chinese press mostly and malaysiakini’s athi) and several attendees of the vigil – in total about 20 (including 2 priests) were at the police station to show our support and solidarity. we were all inside the police station but at the compound.

seemed that the police arrest her under section 143, illegal assembly. after the run about of questioning and statements, she was finally released at 1.10am.

DAP MP liew chin toong came to the police station after we gave him a call – about 10.45pm. later on DAP MP jeff ooi also dropped by for a while. liew chin toong stayed with paula until she was released. a big thank you to the kind, friend YB liew.

i came back about 3.00am. lots to update and pictures to show but will do so tomorrow…. or later in the night.

in the meantime, read the account from some other bloggers. i will be back to update you all, on the happenings, right from the start of the vigil down to 2.00am after our very late dinner… er… supper?… with paula after her release.

nathaniel tan
anil netto

of course, paula’s own experience.


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