racism and social contract (NEP) everywhere

1)   the appointment of low siew moi to head PKNS (selangor development corporation) – some PKNS staff objected ON THE GROUNDS THAT SHE IS CHINESE.

isn’t PKNS suppose to be for all bangsa malaysia, so why did the selangor MB said PKNS is supposed to UPLIFT THE MALAYS by providing them with business opportunties but checks showed that 75% of the projects in the past were awarded directly or indirectly to non bumiputra firms.(hmm… sounds like another NEP!)

2)   what’s so wrong with road-sign in other languages when the malay language is still retained? as malaysiakini stated, some backbenchers made noises over it. the reasons they said it shows disrespect to the social contract. HA!! in come the social contract, in come RACE!

3)  just recently, PAS youth chief, salahudin ayub, get all jumpy over MCA’s call for the 30% equity to be scrapped and warn MCA not to play up RACIAL issue. excuse me? who’s the one playing up racial issues here? anyway if you read what this salahudin said (also refer at the end, where i CnP from malaysiakini, what he said) about the 30% equity, you’ll realise that indeed he is very salah… he doesn’t know the facts!

sad!  why each time non bumi/non malays suggest something, the bumi/malays (more of umnoputera and other bumi politicians!) must wave the NEP/social contract/federal constitution in their faces and accused them of playing up racial issues? why each time a non bumi/malay is appointed to some post, the bumi/malay… er… the umnoputera/bumi politicians/bumi NGO will fan the fire that they will lose their ketuanan melayu?

sad! malaysia after 51 years is still thriving on racial politics! when will it end? will it ever end? will umno (and to a certain extend PAS) wants it to end?

UPDATED:  i note in lim kit siang’s blog, he had an article by farish noor, which is basically about the same topic here. well, social contract/NEP can be translated as ‘islam’ so farish’s article on ‘race and islam’ is more or less same as what i’m trying to say, only thing i’m not as articulare and profilic as farish (one of my favourite malay writer, remember) to say it out. kudos to farish a. noor for bringing out my sentiments!

PAS warns MCA not to harp on NEP

The PAS Youth wing today warned MCA not to gain political mileage by calling for the abolition of the 30 percent bumiputera equity in public-listed companies.

pas chinese liaison rep 280607 salahuddin ayubPAS Youth chief Salahuddin Ayub said that the 30-percent equity must be retained and defended "even if the target has been reached".

"Before 1969, the equity of the Malays was almost nil and after 40 years, it is only at 19 percent," he said in a statement today.

"If this continues, we need about 20 more years to achieve the 30 percent target," he added.

He was responding to a call made by MCA vice-president Liow Tiong Lai that the condition for 30 percent bumiputera equity in public-listed companies should be abolished in order for them to remain competitive.

bn penang koh tsu koon liow tiong lai 100808 03Liow was also quoted as saying that the 30-percent target was a hindrance to the creation of true partnership between Malay, Chinese and Indian businessmen in the country.

Salahuddin said that Liow’s call was a form of political pressure exerted by MCA on Umno and can affect the political stability of the government.

It could also lead to racial tensions, he warned.

MCA seeking political mileage

He added that Umno, in the aftermath of losing its two-thirds in the March general election, was being bullied by its coalition partners in making demands for their own races.

He said that Sapp, Upko, MIC and Gerakan have all given pressure to Umno and now it was MCA’s turn.

"MCA as the main party for the Chinese, a community which controls the business sector in the country, now wants the bumiputera equity scrapped," he added.

"We realise that MCA is seeking political mileage after a change of party leadership… they want to regain the lost support of the community and the best weapon to get the community back is the economy," he said.

Salahuddin, who is also the member of parliament for Kubang Kerian, said the Chinese community had the control of the nation’s economy since independence and it was this which caused the racial riots in 1969.

"The 30-percent equity implemented under the New Economic Policy is a social contract that must be respected not just for its economical aspects but also to preserve political stability," he said.

(NOTE: the 2nd part on what ABIM said, i did not paste here)

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