lighting up your life

wow! i never knew there were so many – hundreds of thousands in fact, different types of lighting until i came across the farreys website. for music fans who are crazy over i-pods, do you know there is also a table lamp with i-pod speaker? true, there are two (design) of them in fact.

that lamp with i-pod speaker is only one among the many thousands of indoor and outdoor lighting products you can find at farreys. from lightings for ordinary household as low as $50 to lightings for hotels, commercial buildings (or VIP/millionaire building!) that is as high as $20,000, you’ll find them all at farreys.

farreys caries an extensive range of brands for the lighting products. many of them, like the fine art lamps, are very beautiful and exquisite, suitable for hotels or big buildings. some brands like the sea gull lighting, had been in the lighting business ever since 1911! sea gull chandelier lighting are more suitable for ordinary household. oh if you are looking for desk lamps, try the house of troy lighting – can be used in front of your computer when you want to surf the net in the middle of the night without disturbing others in your household who are sleeping.

it’s easy to shop at farreys because you can browse through 5 options – style, brand, finish, type and of course price. so, especially to those who are moving into a new house, and you want something to light up your life, do remember to bookmark farreys to go lighting shopping there.

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