oh gawd! he’s going on a road-show!!

yep, that ah-mad guy is going on a road-show to all the umno divisions in the country to explain!

after his suspension, from malaysiakini, he said:

He also announced an immediate plan to tour the country and explain to party divisions about the controversy and stated that he intended to "make a comeback to Umno".

whoa!! danger ahead! this ah-mad person is going round umno divisions to… explain? explain what? more likely to incite more resentment among the umno members against non malays!

Ahmad also declared that his ‘suspension’ would not stop him from being active in the party.

what the %#(!!)%&~@*^%$*!!!! what kind of stupid bl***y suspension is that then? shouldn’t he be suspended from being an umno member, thus should have nothing to do with umno at all, no rights to speak to umno members, no rights to accept advisor post (as he proudly claimed if the party appoint him as one)?

in another article of malaysiakini, i thought the PM said:

Meanwhile, Abdullah said Ahmad had been stripped of all his rights in the party but still had the right to appeal against the supreme council’s decision.

‘stripped of all his rights in the party’ – then why can he still go around umno divisions to give talk? why did he said he is still an umno member – an ordinary member? i thought suspended for 3 years means he won’t be a member for 3 years. if it is ‘stripped of his rights in the party’, he should be prohibited from going on a road-show to all umno division.

just imagine what havoc he might further create with his ‘explanation’. this is scary. imagine all the lies he would tell the umno members to further provoke them into hatred for non malays, the ‘pendatang’ chinese especially.

oh well, never mind. i consider him as ah-mad isma… ah-mad is-sane so leave him be whatever he wants to do/say. not scary but laughable! :]

note: i hope all individuals, parties, organisations, will QUIT asking him to apologise! all the better if he didn’t want to apologise – show the true colours in him, will bring the downfall of umno. hurray!

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