that ahmad ismail is such a laugh! ROTFL!

i can’t help it. i thought not to talk about this idiot anymore but i was so amused reading what he said after meeting the PM yesterday that i just gotta get it off my chest. 🙂

this guy is so pathetic and such a laugh actually! :]

– he said it was the chinese reporter who incite racial sentiments bcos misquoting him. (haha!)
– he said it was koh tsu koon and the chinese leaders who ought to apologise to him instead of him apologising (hahaha!)
– after he cried out for gerakan to pull out from BN, and when gerakan did severed ties with penang umno, he said "is that professional? he (Koh) is the state BN chief and he severed ties with umno, how can he perform (his duty) like that? who is acting emotionally now?" (hahahaha!)
🙂    :]  😮 :8)

look! he is forever blaming everybody except himself! what he did was ok but when others did what he did, it was not ok! didn’t he get so emotional during the 2 press conferences? didn’t he said koh should not be the BN chief?

– he said ""certain people like my statement. the chinese may have called me racist but the malays called me a nationalist, (and) that I was merely defending my own race." (ref. malaysiakini)
LOL!  :] who the malays? sure kah? methink he means his own umno penang kaki only. uh oh there goes the ‘defending my own race’ thingy again. who appointed him to defend the malay race? is he sure all malays wants him to defend the malays? is he sure all malays are on his side? which lead to him saying….

– he said "what I see is that (out of this controversy we see) the rise of the malays and i think we should capitalise on this strength and the support from the malays – the professionals and civil servants – they are with me."  LOL!! hahahaha! the rise of the malays? mana ada, oh ahmad? mana? show me!! the profesionals and civil servants malays support him? LOL! mana u tahu, wahai ahmad??  :]

if anything, the many blogs that i went a visiting, i notice from the malay bloggers or malay commenters, all of them does not support him at all!

of course the other very LOL part is when he said his speech is for the malay audience only.  🙂

… but wait.. this man action gives us the most laugh when the entertaining famous RPK made a parody out of it.  have you read it already? if not, i CnP here for you to ROTFL away. so boys and girls, ignore ahmad ismail, the comedian ok. don’t press him to apologise, don’t press for the use of ISA or sedition act on him (as we don’t want those 2 dracornian act to be used on the opposition or NGO individuals). he’s just a funny guy out there making a fool of himself… a fool of the PM, the DPM, UMNO!! don’t stop him! let him continue… and let’s all sit back and roll on the floor laughing :] (ROTFL!)… esp. seeing him bringing the downfall of umno! thus i hope too umno won’t take action against him as i want to see the comedy he created in umno!  :0  :]   🙂  :]

from malaysia today:  mad cow disease in penang:


The look on their faces when they go berserk is something you have to personally see to appreciate. It is indeed a most ugly sight that words can never describe. The fact that most of these people are already ugly to start off with makes it even worse.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Researchers in University Science Malaysia (USM), Penang, have traced local beef as the source of the recent outbreak of Mad Cow Disease. According to Professor Abdool Rehman Maideen, the university decided to conduct this research when it was discovered that many Indians of the Muslim faith appeared to be acting very strange one hour after a heavy meal that comprised of beef.

“The Indians of the Hindu faith did not seem to catch this disease,” explained Professor Abdool Rehman. “It is only those Indians of the Muslim faith who got it. So we suspected that it must have something to do with their diet since many Hindus are vegetarians and most would not consume beef.”

“But what is most perplexing,” said Professor Abdool Rehman, “Malays also eat the same thing but they do not appear to be prone to this disease. In fact, many Chinese, Thais, and others as well eat local beef but how come they are immune from this disease?”

“I think we are seeing a new strain or mutated form of Mad Cow Disease. This is not the same strain that hit this country a couple of years ago. This strain hits only Indians, in this case Indians who eat beef like those Indians of the Muslim faith.”

“It may no longer be accurate to call this disease Mad Cow Disease although it does come from cows and those inflicted with the disease do act like mad cows. Our university has renamed this disease Mamak Disease in light of the fact that Mamaks seem to be the only people who suffer from this problem.”

“We did some tests on Malays and Chinese, and although they eat the same beef as the Indians of the Muslim faith, they do not appear to be prone to the disease — and neither are Indians who are Christians. We would love to also do some tests on Indians of the Hindu faith but the problem is we can’t get them to agree to consume beef even though it is for research purposes.”

“The way those affected with this disease act is quite frightening,” said Professor Abdool Rehman. “People have been known to jump up from their chairs, try to climb walls, and they would pull down and destroy paintings and photographs. The look on their faces when they go berserk is something you have to personally see to appreciate. It is indeed a most ugly sight that words can never describe. The fact that most of these people are already ugly to start off with makes it even worse. I for one would dread to catch such a disease and that is why from now on I have become a vegetarian and shun all forms of meat.”

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