khir toyo, you are a racist!

… and so is UMNO!! yes, even the PM.

from malaysiakini:

Khir said this was proven by the fact that Anwar was being supported by ‘extremist’ Chinese and Indians via opposition party DAP and the Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf).

extremist chinese and indians? extremist DAP and hindraf? doesn’t that sound racial and seditious? oh no, it doesn’t when it come from an umnoputera. just imagine if lim kit siang or karpal singh were to say "those extremist umno" – wahh! all those umnoputera will made noises! police will give them warning! some umnoputera or non umnoputera malays will made police report against them. but ah… it comes from a former MB, an umnoputera at that, so no action at all. lesson no. 1 from bolehland malaysia – 2 sets of rules – 1 for umnoputera and one for non umnoputera (particularly opposition).

imagine this – penang CM, lim guan eng, calling on chinese unity, chinese unity is the basis to all unity in penang. what do you think will happen? no prize for the correct guess. then imagine… oh no, no need to imagine… it happened! few days ago the PM was saying something about focusing on malay unity because malay unity means national unity. wow!! did he mean malay unity or umno unity? doesn’t that sound familiar? remember several months ago the kelantan crown prince was saying something like that, which get not only non malays but some malays too jumped up! 

is the PM a PM for malaysians or for malays? why was he calling on malay unity? yes, so he revealed the secret – that he had met PAS to discuss malay unity.  just imagine if MCA suddenly reveal that they had met DAP to discuss chinese unity – all hell will break loose! (among the umnoputera that is). the umnoputera will accused MCA of ‘sleeping with the enemy’.  the umnoputera will attack DAP as chinese racist party. the umnoputera will say the chinese are going to take over the country! blah blah blah…

btw, why all these talk about malay unity? as one commenter at lim kit siang rightly say so:

If at all the Malays can be united, then there won’t be so many factions of Malays and the previous Prime Ministers need not shout for Malay unity. And this is a total disgrace to UMNO who displays this shameful signboard with the name “UNITED MALAYS NATIONAL ORGANIZATION” when it has failed to even unite malays within any given state in Malaysia since its inception in 1946. So how can it claim this name and that it has achieved National Unity among the Malays? Such a disgrace!!!!!

umno is a disgrace…to the malays. umno’s interest is for thier own only, never for the grassroot malays. they are only concerned about filling thier pockets. why, we have the richest man in malaysia – the PM! (not robert kuok or anandan) and the richest unemployed in malaysia – his son in law!

note:  please read the views of other from malaysiakini. many, yes, agrees khir is racist!

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