protest/demo is UMNO’s culture

following taken from malaysiakini. this news was also on tv3 and rtm2 yesterday.


Penang rally: Police warn ISA will be used
Mar 19, 08 7:19pm

The police today warned that the Internal Security Act (ISA) could be invoked against those who participate in tomorrow’s rally in Penang or spread short messaging service (SMS) regarding it.

Acting Penang police chief Salleh Mat Rashid said action could also be taken under Section 27 (5) or 27(5)(a) of the Police Act 1967 for participating in a rally without a permit.

"They can also be arrested under the ISA for jeopardising national security," he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

The warning was given to those spreading SMSes regarding a mammoth gathering slated to take place in the state mosque.

The gathering is said to be a follow-up to the one staged outside the Komtar building last Friday in protest of the DAP-led state government’s decision to steer clear of NEP practices. Several former state excos had also participated.

"We would take action against those who continue to spread the SMSes and two police reports had been lodged regarding the matter so far. We are investigating the source of the SMS," said Salleh.

The police chief said the gathering was against the law because the organisers did not apply for a police permit.

"Only two gatherings would take place tomorrow, the Maulidur Rasul (Prophet Muhammad’s birthday) celebrations at the Seberang Jaya mosque in the morning and at the Kapitan Keling mosque in the evening," he added.

Salleh said 400 police officers and personnel would be stationed at both the locations.

"We would also take additional security measures, such as deploying personnel at the state mosque to face any eventualities," he added.

Protest held in Selangor

In Selangor, a protest was held by several hundred people from the Coalition of Selangor Malays at Dataran Shah Alam against the PKR, DAP and PAS state government.

The protest led by Selangor Umno Youth leader Shukur Idrus started at 3pm and ended about an hour later.

They also handed over a memorandum to the Sultan, which was received by his private secretary Mohd Munir Bani who came to the scene.

Among others, the protesters urged newly minted Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim not to go against the wishes of the Sultan regarding the appointment of a deputy menteri besar.

They also called on the state government not to appoint a non-Malay deputy menteri besar and retain the exco composition at 60 percent Malays and 40 percent non-Malays.

The protesters also condemned DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang for allegedly insulting the Malay hegemony.

note:  pictures here also taken from malaysiakini, which showed the protest in selangor.

my say:

i heard about this rumour on 15 march at ‘the bad and good about politics’ blog. then around 14 march, heard some friends in penang talking about it. many were saying better don’t leave the house today, a public holiday, as there might be some ‘trouble’ again from the malays.

again, just at their last protest (and UMNO or PAS other protest) was held AFTER FRIDAY PRAYER AT THE MOSQUE , this protest was also rumoured to be held at a MOSQUE… and imagine, on a holy day too! (prophet mohamad’s birthday).

well i really hope that, this is really a rumour only and the UMNOputera are not calling for a protest again on a holy day at a mosque…. because can you imagine the shame brought upon the ordinary malays if this is true? after prayer on a holy day, then all the anger released… MISGUIDED, WRONG anger at that!

while i laud the police for taking measure to see that news of the protest did not spread or that the people do not gather for the rally, i questioned the police for invoking ISA. many of us are already asking for ISA to be abolish.

the news also mentioned a protest at selangor where UMNOputera (who else!) urged the new MB not to appoint a non malay as deputy MB. now, isn’t this racist? granted a MB should be malay but deputy MB, why can’t it be from other race?

this was the 3rd… 4th… er… how many already…. protest UMNO held in penang, perak, selangor all together – so PROTEST IS NOW PART OF UMNO’S CULTURE?

the protestors also condemned lim kit siang for insulting the sultan’s hegemony. now didn’t kit siang already apologised, why brought it up?

methink these UMNOputera got nothing better to do so pick on the smallest trivial matter to protest.

another thing, if they want to protest against kit siang, why they didn’t also protest against ong ka chuan and the ‘ah pek siao’ lin keng yaik (both from BN)? according to kenny law, they too insulted the sultan if people want to say kit siang insulted the sultan!

coming back to the penang UMNO protest on 14 march, the main reason they protested, so they claimed was against lim guan eng’s remark to do away with NEP (and they labeled him a racist). rocky mentioned that in march last year, the ex DPM, musa hitam had also said it was time to do away with NEP…. but no malays melatah and hit the street, no malays accused musa hitam of being racist – WHY??

this also reminds me what i read in aisheman’s blog – one UMNOputera had lodged a police report against lim guan eng for his statement which was racist and seditious.  what in the world???? can you imagine that?? grrrr!! that was so silly! wasn’t the protest itself more racial and seditious? tak’ da otak punya UMNO olang!

so those past UMNO’s protest and future ones to come, although, they will shout so much about malay’s rights and condemn non malays, won’t be labeled racial or seditious? oh no, it won’t because UMNOputera are also KING OF BOLEHLAND!!

on another news, it says that penangites are boycotting mamak’s nasi kandar stalls. why? well they believe that the protest held on 14 march, most of them are mamak. well i believe so too (pictures can’t lie)… but i also believe they were not our local mamak. i believe most of them were ‘imported’ from other states. penang UMNO should realise that even many malays or mamak voted for DAP/PKR/PAS, and not them!

the news here said that penangites boycott mamak stall because they were angry with the mamak for being involved in the protest… BUT the SMS some people had been receiving said more than that – the SMS urged people not to patronise mamak stalls because they will put ‘poison’ in their food as they (the mamak) are angry at non malays and want to get rid of the non malays. SILLY EH? but to think some people believe it! well it takes all kind.

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