at last! herald permit granted and….


read from the NaSTy paper, johari said herald should not use allah even though the permit is granted… so what the hell is the meaning of ‘no condition’??? pigilah johari!
the star report (no mention what johari said). in fact the opening line mentioned ‘…with no restrictions on the use of allah’.

huh?? one said restriction, one said no. apalah lu orang!!


…without condition.

came to know of this via anil netto’s blog. anil is a columnist with herald. he received a phone call from fr. lawrence, herald editor informing him of this news. as one who contributes articles to herald, i am naturally happy to hear that too.

good sense prevail after all at the internal security ministry, i see

yes the BM section should not be allowed to be scrapped at all. after all, like someone said, there might be more bahasa speaking catholics (esp. in sabah & sarawak) than english speaking catholics.

i might understand a little if the IS ministry do not allow the use of the word ‘allah’ but i will NOT understand at all if it disallow the bahasa section completely. thank god now the permit is granted without any condition.

while i still mantain that it is not wrong for herald to use ‘allah’, i feel that maybe at the moment, herald outing to stop using allah and get on with its BM publication. as i had mentioned before, the BM section in herald is getting popular these days with  many readers(esp. from sabah & sarawak)  writing in to the  letters column.

you know, thanks to this herald-allah controversy, herald, our catholic weekly seems to get so well known. i’m sure before this controversy erupted, not many of you have heard of herald at all. of course you wouldn’t… herald is not sold or distributed free to the public at all. herald is only sent to catholic churches in the country and to be sold inside the churches. so this fear of the government of herald using allah and/or bahasa will confuse the muslim is very unfounded. also i find it strange and even funny that fatima idrus, a letter writer in malaysiakini, said herald’s use of allah is to proselytise the muslims. (and yes, fatima, i don’t mind at all that the first line of the rukunegara to be change to kepercayaan kepada allah). muslim faith so shaky? and at any rate, as i said, herald not sold/distributed to public, how will muslim get hold of it to read?

ok before i end, i’ll  point you to juslo’s blog on this issue, who seemed angry that the government (and some muslims) have made it sound that believing in islam would made you stupid. do hop over to read.

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