UMNO gansterism at work?

this brawl (what near brawl, star? it was a brawl!) happened at the kelantan state assembly. nozula mat diah, from BN paloh kicking at mohd zaki ibrahim of PAS during the Q&A session. apparently he had been restrained… otherwise i shuddered to think what would have happened further. wallop mohd zaki in the tummy or punch his face?

read more at sheih’s kickdefella’s post, in which you will get even more geram when you read sheih’s interview with this gangster UMNO assemblyman.

the YB – yang bersamseng – when asked will he regret his action since what he did will be telecast to the whole world, had the cheek to answer what he did was right (the ‘victim’ deserved it).  he said what he did was to teach him (PAS’s mohd zaki) a lesson not to belittle BN MPs. apparently mohd zaki said something that he didn’t like so, like an uncultured, uneducated samseng, the only thing he could do was to fight!

(and don’t forget the earlier incident where one UMNO man punched a chinese reporter!)

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