national breast cancer awareness


that’s right, the month of october had been designated as the national breast cancer awareness month (NBCAM), and the pink ribbon was created to raise awareness about breast cancer and funding for a cure. it is worn to recognize the struggle that men and women face when battling the cancer.

NBCAM is dedicated to increasing awareness of breast cancer issues, especially the importance of early detection. it works through a nationwide education campaign aimed at the general public, state and federal governments, health care professionals, employers, and women of all ages and ethnic groups.

do your part to publicise NBCAM by first doing a post on it, then have the pink ribbon banner/button on your blog/website for the duration of the whole of october. there are lots of interesting, lovely designs of NBCAM logo (the pink ribbon) at carol sutton website. why, these two lovely designs you see here, i found them there (including the pink ribbon button at my sidebar). so there’s no excuse for you not to promote NBCAM, ‘ya hear?

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