facing & surviving the internet clampdown

received this from nat on thursday, blog it on friday… or though i did but…

oh gosh, i thought i had posted this yesterday. strange. i know i did but i was puzzled to see it not appearing. maybe when i click on publish screamyx decided to act up. dunno lah. anyway, as this is kind of late already, not going to post the whole thing anymore (like what i did yesterday… or thought i did!) but just mention the important details, i.e. date and venue. for the whole detailed post, go to nathaniel tan’s blog to read.


Forum:  Facing & Surviving the Internet Clampdown: Our Liabilities, Rights and Responsibilities

Venue:       Kuala Lumpur & Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

Date/time:  Saturday, 28th July 2007 / 3.00pm

Tea will be served!


one of the speakers there is activist arutchelvan, who will speak on what the police can and cannot do to people under custody.

i remember arutchelvan at a ‘know your rights’ workshop organised by suaram penang in may last year. (think arutchelvan is a member… or hold office?… of suaram KL). he was also talking about police – what are our rights if a police stop us, and also when in custody. it  was an interesting and informative talk indeed. he can talk well. he even had some short role play (with audience participation) in his talk to illustrate some points.

you can read about me blogging on it here (hope the permalink works – been having problems with permalinks and archives!). if it doesn’t go straight to mentaljog extra to read about your rights when a police stop you…. it was taken from sun2surf but it was exactly same as what arutchelvan spoke on at the workshop.

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