50 posts to independence – no. 16

i had been tagged for the ’50 posts to independence’ by dr darren hsu which started by nizham bashir . i am tag no. 16 which means there had been 34 bloggers before me who had done the tag already. yes i had notice a few prominent bloggers doing this like marina, jeff, nik nazmi, pok ku, aisehman.

ok so what am i suppose to write about. apparently it can be anything on malaysia. many i see wrote about what malaysia had been to them, the good and bad. some i notice reminisce on ‘those were the days’ time, like in their childhood times.

i would like to write about how i see malaysia especially where governance and politics are concerned with some mention of facts but i feel i’m not articulate enough to do that. i guess i will then write more on the human level, i.e. very personal side and i guess my post will not be as good as most of those who had already done this. i see many of their posts are of so high quality that i felt a little reluctant to do this as shy lah to compare with them.

despite people labelling me as anti government (which i’m not!), despite most of my posts were criticism of the system – of how things should not be or should be, i still love malaysia very much. i was born and bred (and i’m sure disposed off too) in malaysia and had grown to love the country and i never at any moment harbour the thought off migrating.

now i guess if someone were to suddenly ask me for an immediate response on why do i love malaysia without letting me think further… do you think i would have blurted out malaysia is a peaceful country. oh no. more likely my response would be malaysia no natural disasters lah.

haha. that’s true… that would be the first thing that came into my mind. of course by natural disasters here you know i meant those big major disasters like earthquake and hurricane.

ok. now for a more sensible thought provoking response i would have say for its rich culture and tradition. why indeed is malaysia rich in culture and tradition is because of its ‘multi races and mulit religions’ tag. this means to say that i love malaysia for it being multi religious and multi races and because of that i get to experience lots of different cultures and traditions… oh not to forget to mention food too – the best part. hehe. yep i love malaysia because there are so much variety of good food abound – good for a greedy me. hehe.

yes where else in the world can i meet up with letchumi for breakfast of roti canai, mei mei for lunch over char koay teow and have nasi dagang with rosmah for dinner?

i realised how lucky and blessed i am to live in malaysia when i heard stories of lives in other countries from relatives or friends who were there (not sight-seeing but on work and stays there some time). things are far worst there, they told me. small simple stuffs. like how we complained about waiting so long for a bus to move, my uncle told me in south africa, they can wait as long as 3 hours! lots of stories to tell regarding comparision of other countries but i’m not going to tell it here now.

well if you want to know what i don’t like about malaysia, i’ll point the fingers at our politicians. yes it is what they (esp. the MPs) do/say/act/respond that really pisses me off. what i hate about malaysia are also the discrimination and double-standard policies practised by the government. ’nuff said.

ok let’s see who i will tag. aha! someone who can write very well… with humour too – politics101!

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