19th anniversary of my blog

yeah yeah, it comes to the point that i have no updates at all on my blog except to once a year, duing my anniversary to update it with a post. yep my blog has been very dead. oops. i realised this year i did make a post on 02.02.22. maybe next year will be 2 decades, time for me to start blogging regulalry?

i have so much to say/write actually but just no time…. or no interest. nowadays interest is focus on facebook (FB) posting. i was thinking since i'm a 'cakap banyak' (talkative – in words i mean!) and tend to write long on FB, perhaps i should write here instead. here, it's more appropriate to be long not FB. on FB if too long, people will be turned off.

my blog started off as a socio-political blog and those days i have so much fun talking politics and hitting out at the government and politicians. hehehe. eventually though my blog tend to become more of personal blog. don't feel the urge to write about politics and current events nowadays but do feel want to write personal… like a personal diary. however…

however i wonder, i think for blog, i can't choose audience to read, unlike FB, i can choose. i like to write my personal stuff but OTOH i don't want everybody to be able to read it. hence the hesitation. wonder if there is some platform, like for me to write my personal diary but to limit/choose people to read it.