bloggers are liars

“Lies after lies are being told,” Abdullah was quoted as saying. “They feel they are free, they cannot be disturbed and they can say whatever they wish to say.”

‘they’ here refer to… who do you think… none other than people like me… bloggers who writes on socio-political matters. of course he also meant other internet users e.g. website owners, those in forums and so on.

yes, he mentioned those who are on the web but he specifically mentioned the name ‘bloggers’.

Abdullah did not specifically identify his critics, but said bloggers and other people were using Web sites “to create stories” that underscore how online freedom has been manipulated.


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mr prime minister, i am not a liar. i am a blogger with a face and a name. i write mostly based on what the media reported, what i had seen and heard. so if you think what i wrote were lies, then it was them who lied too!

anyway, what is a lie? how do you define a lie? how can you tell that we lied? what made you think we lied? when we write something not to your liking? when we unearth some ‘secrets’ you are hiding?

(to be continued)

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