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reviewme-logo.jpg(this is a sponsored post.)

i first heard of review me (see its logo on the left picture) from ah pek. it seems he had found another way (again!) of making money by blogging!

with their tagline “advertisers, get buzz. bloggers, get cash”, i’m sure bloggers like me wouldn’t want to miss this chance of getting cash.
to make money from review me looks easy (i’m writing from the view of bloggers of course, not advertisers). in a summary, you just review some products/services and you get paid minimum US$20 (based on the popularity of your blog) – but that is provided advertisers pick your blog to request you to review their products/services.

to join review me, the first step you have to do is of course to register with them and submit your blog. when they accepted you, they will rank your blog, based on your blog’s popularity. i get only a one star ranking with a price of US$40.00. no surprise since i know my blog is not popular!

after submitting your blog, you wait for advertisers to pick your blog and ask for a review of their products or services or their websites. review me will contact you when an advertiser picks you, and when you do a review for the advertiser, you’ll get paid 50% of what your blog is worth. for example, as i mentioned, my blog is worth US$40, and when i write a review, i will get paid US$20 while review me get US$20. even as i am writing this – this is a review of review me – i will get paid US$20. easy money, you see. well, every bloggers who signed up can start to write a review of review me and thus earn money instantly, since review me had pledged to give out US$25,000 in total, starting from the date of their launch, which was just 3 days ago – on 9 nov. 2006. of course for those late comers bloggers who signed up with review me, you might not have the chance to earn by reviewing review me (when the US$25,000 had been reached), so you had better quick sign up now, if you haven’t already done so!

oh when you write a review for review me or any of the review me advertisers, you must not forget to mention ‘this is a sponsored post’ (like what i did here) or something like that, whatever your style.

i think review me concept is quite interesting. one big plus is that unlike some other money-making schemes like google adsense and text link ads (btw, review me and text link ads came from the same company), you don’t need to put some codes on your blog’s template. also i see that the minimum no. of words for a review is 200. some would see that as a con but not me since i am long winded and write a lot. :wink

ok some of the cons i see are:

1. new and not popular bloggers getting paid less

2. you must wait for advertisers to ‘pick’ you… and because of no. 1 above, being new or not popular, your chance of being pick is very slim.

3. when you are asked to do a review, you have to do it within 48 hours. this also means it is advisable to always check your review me homepage. er… i wonder do they send email to us if there is a review? (updated: yep, they did. i checked my email after this post.)
well i suppose i can live with those 3 cons. if i don’t get an ‘assignment’ to do a review, doesn’t matter. i’ll wait patiently. patience is a virtue indeed when it come to getting money. 🙂


this is a sponsored post but the opinion is mine.

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