mishaps with chaly

ok so much politic talk for past days… or rather election talk, today some personal yakkity yak from me ok. now to get on with the story of chaly and me getting into some mishaps. remember my last blog on chaly and me? i mentioned i would be telling stories of mishaps with chaly. so far, from 1991 that i bought chaly until now, i had only been in 3 mishaps and they were all minor ones – thank god. again, i figure i wouldn’t want to post my story here as it would be too long. i don’’t know why i always seems to be a chatterbox and has a lot to say (long winded!). i can’t simply ‘summarise’ my story! since i always like to write a lot, i guess one day i should move my blog from blogger to movable type (MT), as i see in MT, i can have a short write up in the blog itself, then the whole long post, still in the blog but must click somewhere to continue reading the whole thing. saw this in blogs of jeff ooi (screenshots), jikon, najah (the malaysiana digest), aizuddin (volume of interactions). but i’m a techie idiot and html challenged… wonder can i handle MT? already now using blogger, there are so much other things i like to do with my blog but i don’t know how! (that’s why you see my blog’s design is not too good). oh dear, see what i mean by being long winded? back to my story. hopefully that at the moment, this method of mine – having long posts up in my mentaljog extra won’t put you nice people off by being lazy not wanting to click and go there. ok, so get going now for the story of chaly and me involving in road mishaps.

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