tagged and tagged and tagged

help! me got 3 tags within 3 day! first, 15 jan, jacky tagged me with a kind of old meme. then on 16 jan, ah pek, the hamsup, tagged me with a story meme, and on 17 jan., i notice cmos tagged me with the same meme that ah pek had tagged me.

the meme from jacky i had seen it being around some time. i like this meme and might do it soon. however the meme from ah pek and cmos, is quite a new one, and kind of unique one i must say. oh, and of course a difficult one too. one must be creative to think of a story using those words.

actually i don’t really like meme and hence don’t really like to be tagged. reasons being:
* i don’t believe that to be tag a lot means you are well like or are very popular. like at some popular bloggers like jeff ooi and kenny sia… they were not tagged at all!
* meme is more for those who write personal blogs… and my blog is not a wholly personal blog. i blog more on news and current issues, and of course grumblings on what the gomen do. once in a while i will get personal (like now!).
* some memes requires a lot of time, or some memes requires you to reveal a lot about yourself.

well, although i don’t like doing memes, but if i’m tagged, i’ll be a sport and play along all the same. howeve, as i said to ah pek, i might have to give up on this particular story meme because i am not as creative as him or cmos, or viewtru. also, at this time, my mind is too fuddled up to think properly because of lots of work to do… in office and in church. (beginning of year is always like this – work like clearing up the accounts). well, who knows, depends on situation (and mood?) one day i just might do it. after all, i see cmos pleading with me ‘pretty please?’ and might not have the heart to turn him down.

i think i will do jacky’s meme first. soon.

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