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investigate and charge taib!!!

reference to my earlier post…. with the long heading – 'HOT! explosive! video exposed the white-haired devil (taib! sarawak's CM!) and family in corruption – please read that first, if you haven't yet. seems that after that video surfaced, as usual, 'the nile' river runs deeply!! haha. don't get confused. …

MACC ‘commits suicide’ !

By Martin Jalleh 18 Aug. 2010 – The Malaysia Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), very tragically, “committed suicide” today. It killed the very little that was left of its own integrity and credibility. Its public image plunged to the very depths with the help of its advocate Abdul Razak Musa. He had …

Let the Thrill-Ling Show Begin!

by Martin Jalleh Bolehland’s economy is buckling FDIs are drastically a-tumbling. The impact of corruption is crippling The brain drain numbers are appalling. Many ordinary people are struggling The elite, nation’s wealth are gobbling. Umno’s “internal security” is crumbling Confidence of its members is wobbling.

MACC investigating the PM? don’t hold your breath!

with regards to his now infamous ‘i help you, you help me’ speech to sibu voters. after karpal singh had made noise that what the PM said was against the by-election law,  and after the election commission had side-tracked the issue, saying it should be under MACC… well there you …