MCLM pushes for the rakyat reform agenda (RaRA)

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The Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement (MCLM) organized a Road-show to explain to the people what is the Rakyat Reform Agenda (RaRA).

On 24 Oct., MCLM was at the Balai Rakyat Bayan Baru, Penang. About 40 people attended the forum. The invited speaker was Datuk Dr Joseph Kitingan. The other two speakers were Haris Ibrahim, president of MCLM and Jayanath Appudurai of Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia.

On 25 Oct. the forum was held at Excelsior Hotel, Ipoh. A good turnout of about 120 people attended.  In Johor, where it was held at the Spastic Children’s Association on 3 November, about 60 people attended.  (The same speakers will be at all the there venues).

According to MCLM, Malaysia can be a great inclusive nation if Malaysia return to basic principles. These principles are found in the four pillars of  the RARA, which are as follows:

  1. To honour the agreement made in 1963 between the Federation of Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak prior to the formation of the new Federation of Malaysia.
  2. To restore the national institutions to the Rakyat – the Judiciary, Election Commission, Police Force, Attorney General, etc.
  3. To restore the liberties guaranteed to the rakyat under the Federal Constitution by repealing the ISA, OSA, PPPA, UUCA and Sedition Act.
  4. To adopt the Social Inclusion Agenda, designed to improve race relations in Malaysia.

Datuk Jeffrey Kitingan spoke on the first RARA pillar – the Malaysia Agreement, 1963 and the 20-point agreement. His presentation was aptly titled ‘From equal partnership to takeover’. He presented the facts about the agreement and then shocked the participants on how the agreement was not honoured.

0n 9 July, 1963, the United Kingdom, the Federation of Malaya, North Borneo ( now called Sabah), Sarawak and Singapore entered into an agreement that gave rise to the formation of the Federation of Malaysia. Related to this issue are two documents a 20-point agreement relating to Sabah and an 18-point agreement relating to Sarawak.

Datuk Jeffrey first explained the facts of the agreement and later on, on how the terms of the agreement had not been complied with. The non compliance had a strong impact on the state of Sabah and the lives of the people living in Sabah.

“Sabah was cheated and became a subservient state.” said Datuk Jeffrey, “As you know, Sabah is now the poorest state in Malaysia. It was only after March 2008, that we see emerging political maturity in Sabah and Sarawak.”

The fourth pillar of the RARA on the Social Inclusion Agenda (SIA) was explored by Mr Jayanath Appudurai. The SIA is, Jayanath explained, basically a comprehensive program to address the economic and social needs of the poor and the marginalized, including migrants.

“For over 40 years, NEP has failed to address the real cause of poverty and inequality. 40% of Malaysians fall under these groups… they are the marginalized rakyat. They face a bleak future. SIA hope to solve these problems.”

Haris Ibrahim spoke on the other two pillars (2nd and 3rd) briefly.

“The National Institutions like the Judiciary, Election Commission, Attorney General, MACC need to be restored to the Rakyat, to serve the Rakyat. Right now, the institutions seems to be serving their political masters.” informed Haris, “For example, the judges are pro-BN, and if PR get into Putrajaya, they will elect judges that are pro-PR – but we don’t want that. We want judges that are pro-rakyat.”

On the third pillar, about restoring the liberties guaranteed to the Rakyat, Haris explained that this means laws like ISA, OSA, PPPA, UUCA and the Sedition Act should be repeal. These laws should be repeal so as to give the rakyat more freedom, he said.

“MCLM serve the 40% marginalized.  The only way to do that, is to remove BN and install a government that will reform the 40%.” continued Haris.

“Simply put,” Haris ended with great passion, “We will back any non BN political party that pledge to implement the RARA. We want politicians with integrity. We need politicians who can look at money and say no, I serve the people, not money. We want politicians who can say ‘No!’ to Najib’s money. They want power, we want change, so we say to them, let’s harmonise – if we put you in power, you have to pledge to implement RARA.”

MCLM was launched in London on 30 October 2010 and its chairman is Raja Petra Kamarudin. To find out more on MCLM, please visit its website –

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