today is world AIDS day

AIDSribbonwhat is world AIDS day?

world AIDS day (WAD) is on december 1 every year.  world AIDS day is a global event where the world takes time to recognise the issues relating to HIV/AIDS and remind ourselves how we can all do our part to combat HIV/AIDS.

go to its official site to learn more about AIDS.

every year on world AIDS day, i make sure i post up the announcement, in case people forget about it.

almost every year i had blog about world AIDS day. some posts were about the forums that the consumer AIDS service penang organised. this year i’m surprise that they didn’t organised one.

speaking of world AIDS day, it always reminds me of how once a post of mine was nominated for an award by the malaysian AIDS council. that was one of the milestone in my blogging life! to get nominated i was very pleased already… never mind i didn’t win.

do wear a red ribbon today to show your solidarity with people living with HIV.

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