two-party system – possible?

sembangZaidyesterday attended the forum on two-party system by datuk zaid ibrahim, organised by the sembang-sembang forum group. it was a pleasent surprise to see dr mansor, penang DCM II too as we only expected to see datuk zaid as publicise by sembang-sembang. seemed that dr mansor confirmed his attendance only yesterday afternoon.

the crowd was huge! think near 400 people. lots of press people and bloggers too. oh anil netto was there and he made live report. you can read about it here. before the forum started i was at the registration counter, promoting the SABM event in penang. the sembang-sembang forum group had actually given me permission to promote the event through announcement before the Q&A session but i said i fear public speaking. haha. so i printed out 100 copies of the SABM poster to be distributed instead (as flyer, A5 size).  well, at least i did do my part in helping to publicise the event.

ok on dr zaid’s talk, the organiser had given us a transcript of his talk in paper. it’s 9 pages long! i will pick out some interesting points to post. hopefully, later on, the organiser will have the whole transcript up on their blog, or i can email them for the transcript in soft copy… then can have his whole speech up. dr mansor spoke first, follwed by datuk zaid. when Qs were thrown to the floor, seemed that the people were quite vocal as many did want to ask Qs and a few that did asked, had good interesting Qs.  oh, the forum was moderated by YB sim tze tzin, the ADUN in my area (pantai jerejak).  he was also the one instrumental in starting the sembang-sembang forum group.  (btw, the picture here shows l to r, datuk zaid, YB sim and dr mansor, holding giant streamers to launch the sembang-sembang forum group.)

i will post on what datuk zaid said in the forum tomorrow. it was interesting to hear his view so would like to share.

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