i ought to be shot

yes, either shot or to be detained under the ISA. why? because i support the call for chin peng to return to malaysia. please this did not come from your 10 years old niece or teenage son. this comes from old adults who had been service men before.  wait! that’s not the only silly thing… there’s more. these people whose mind ought to matured with age, instead have a retarded mind when they feel that those who wants chin peng to return are promoting communism. can you believe that??? it’s just plain ridiculous! oh, but it get worst when you notice a minister had that kind of thinking too! well, he said it – those who support the call for chin peng’s return are idiolising communism. can you believe that???

i don’t mind so much the reasons they gave like his return will cause unhappiness and open old wounds of those ex servicemen or those whose family have been victims of the communist party of malaya (CPM) but this reason that just because we support chin peng’s return, we are trying to bring in communist ideology doesn’t make sense at all. it’s plain ridiculous to the highest heaven!!

we support the call for chin peng’s return are because of 1. based on humanitarian grounds. come one, he is not 84 years old already… what harm can he do? 2. no double standard please! the others ex communists who are malays (eg rashid maidin, abdullah CD, shamsiah fakeh) were allowed to return home but why not chin peng and 3. malaysia had already signed a peace accord with the CPM in 1989 to allow ex communists to return home – why break the peace accord?

most certainly our reason has nothing to do with the fact that we suddenly adore communism and wants to bring back communism into bolehland!  if those retarded minds thinks like this, then why didn’t they think that najib is promoting communism too when he visited china!! they should stop him from visiting china!

note: click on ‘read the rest of the rest of his entry’ to read 2 articles from malaysiakini – ‘chin peng finds support in PSM’ and ‘shoot those who back chin peng’s return’.


Chin Peng finds support in PSM
Humayun Kabir | May 31, 09 2:25pm

Parti Sosialis Malaysia became the latest party to urge the government to allow former communist chief Chin Peng to return home for good.

The party said the government must honour the peace accord that it signed with the Communist Party of Malaya (MCP) in 1989 and allow former MCP leader Chin Peng to return to the country.

"The government should not backtrack on the peace accord and deny the rights promised to the former communist leader," said PSM secretary-general S Arutchelvan today.

The peace accord was signed between the Malaysian government, MCP and the Thailand government in Haadyai, Thailand on Dec 2, 1989.

Chin Peng, 85, whose real name is Ong Boon Hua has been living in exile in Bangkok and had sought permission from the government to be allowed to return home.

However, his request has been rejected and a court case to compel the government to allow his return has also failed.

The court has rejected the application when he could not produce his birth certificate and Malaysian citizenship documents.

Following that various quarters have asked the government to allow the former communist leader to be allowed to return based on his old age and his plea to visit his family members.

At the same token, there are also severe objections in not wanting Chin Peng to be allowed to return based on the terror his organisation had imposed on the society during their hey days.

The government has also clearly stated that it would not entertain any request for Chin Peng to be allowed back.

Party leaders returned unopposed

However, the ban is seemed to be applicable only to Chin Peng as previously the government had allowed communist party members Rashid Maidin, Abdullah CD, Shamsiah Fakeh, Zainon @ Ah Yan, Suraiani Abdullah and Abu Samah Mohamad Kassim to return home.

"According to the deal, they (former communists of Malaysian origin) will be allowed to come back into the country and reside if they follow the Malaysian laws," added Arutchelvan.

He also said that those who objected to allow Chin Peng to return home should not be pointing to the cruelty of the communist as a reason.

"The Japanese army during their occupation of Malaya had also tortured and murdered thousands of Malaysians.

"However, now they are welcomed with open arms to invest in our country. Why the double standards? Let us forget the past and move ahead through reconciliation – that should be the Malaysian spirit," he said.

PSM, with its national congress underway in Ipoh until tomorrow, will table a resolution to urge the government to allow Chin Peng to return to the country.

This year’s party congress will also see party polls taking place. However, there will be no contest for the four top party posts.

Incumbent party president Nasir Hashim, 64, deputy president M Saraswathy, 56, secretary-general Arutchelvan, 42, and treasurer A Sivarajan, 39, all retained their posts without contest.

This non-contest for the top-posts was in the party’s spirit of giving acknowledgement to the sacrifices of these leaders who had worked hard to build the party and get it recognised by the Registrar of Societies after 10 years of struggling.

However, there will be a keen contest for the election of five central committee members. A total of 14 members are contesting in the election which is held later today.



‘Shoot those who back Chin Peng’s return’

S Pathmawathy | Jun 1, 09 12:53pm

Emotions ran high at a press conference called by the country’s veteran soldiers on the issue of allowing ex-communist leader Chin Peng to return to Malaysia.

Apart from suggesting the use of the Internal Security Act against those who backed the notion, one former serviceman who lost his right foot in battle with the communists, said: "People who call for his return and support communism should be shot dead."

Veteran Soldiers of Malaysia Association president Muhammad Abdul Ghani asked the rationale in allowing Chin Peng to return after all the atrocities he had committed.

"Anyone who recommends and supports Chin Peng’s request to return should be punished and detained under ISA," he told reporters in Kuala Lumpur.

"The people who want him to return must also be communists and support the ideology of communism," he surmised.

Muhammad also warned that allowing Chin Peng to return to Malaysia would be akin to authorising the reformation of the banned movement again.

Chin Peng, 85, whose real name is Ong Boon Hua, has been living in exile in Bangkok and had sought permission from the government to be allowed to return home.
He was the chief of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) from 1948 to 1989 and gained prominence during the guerilla war against the Japanese in Malaya.

However, he fought for the formation of a communist dictatorship even after Malaysia achieved independence in 1957, which in-turn led to a large number of civilian casualties.

‘He should be punished, not pardoned’

Muhammad said over 5,000 armed personnels including soldiers and policemen were killed and injured severely during the insurgency from 1948 to 1989.

"Therefore any show of compassion or sympathy towards an ex-member of the communist party is a form of betrayal and treachery to those who gave their lives for this country," he said.

Muhammad was referring to calls by several political parties namely Gerakan and PSM, as well as non-governmental movement Citizen International, to allow Chin Peng to return home on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Also present at the press conference were nine soldiers who had fought during the insurgency back in the 70s.

Retired Corporal Hamzah Hassan, 55, who lost his right foot during an ambush in Perak in 1978, said he could never forgive the communists for the deaths of his friends in the army.

"Chin Peng should be punished for his crimes, not be given a pardon… he should be given the treatment he deserves for all the violence he caused," said the angry retired soldier.

Chin Peng had also lost his court battle to return home. His application was rejected when he could not produce his birth certificate and Malaysian citizenship documents.

The government had also dismissed the possibility of allowing the former communist leader to return.

On different matter, Muhammad called on the government to review the pension scheme of retired soldiers especially those who were disabled.

He said that he was seeking a meeting with Deputy Minister of Defence Abdul Latiff Ahmad to discuss a revamp of the scheme as there were 1,630 soldiers who were disabled and needed urgent attention.

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