84 years old man is dangerous

chin_peng… because he is not allowed to be in malaysia at all.

and the only reason he wants to be in malaysia is to pay respect to his parents. oh well, and also to see his family and hope to die in malaysia.

why is he not allowed into malaysia?

because people in malaysia cannot forgive and forget. they do not have a compassionate heart at all. their religion never taught them those virtues.

ok because he was an ex communist leader, said one top minister man (who is an umnoputra). oh i don’t think he used ‘was’. he still think chin peng is a communist (and dangerous?). ‘no place for a communist’ was what he said – so to him chin peng is still a communist at this age of 84 years old.

and said another bigger (oh well the ‘biggest’!) minister (note an umnoputra too):

Allowing Chin Peng to return would cause unhappiness among the families of victims who were killed during the Emergency.

come on, who are you trying to kid? that is the only reason? that is the real reason? what about the ‘skin colour’ reason, as pointed out by some commenters in the malaysian insider? rashid maidin was communist too but he was allowed to return to malaysia, remember?

i had blog about this a few times and i had some commenters coming in to shoot me saying stuffs like "you do not have loved ones or friends killed by the communists led by chin peng, so it’s easy for you to say forgive and forget… blah blah blah…". and some like our dear information, communication and culture minister will say i’m glorifying communists.

oh well, let them say what they want to but i’m still going to say, what harm can an old man of 84 years old who only want to come back to pay respect to his parents and die in his homeland, and  what happens to compassion. these people who objected violently to his return can complained to you how cruel and heartless ching peng was when he was a communist but then these same people now, in refusing to allow an 84 years old man to return to his home land to pay respect to his parents… are themselves heartless!!!


from malaysiakini’s vox pop:

On Najib: No homecoming for Chin Peng

Jegatheeswaran: It is rather funny. The Japanese killed many Malayans during the occupancy including thousands of fellow Malayan soldiers and colonial soldiers. The Japanese also made our monarchs to appear almost non-existent. They looted buildings, invaded premises and took whatever they wanted.

After all that, the first Matsushita company – MELCOM – was established in Malaysia in 1965 (20 years later). We even allowed their cars in. Later we signed a memorandum of understanding with Mitsubishi which gave birth to Proton. Even the ex-prime minister Mahathir said: "Look East", so that we can learn from the Japanese.

If we can forgive the Japanese who do not belong here, why can’t we forgive our own people? Not forgiving is the same as invoking the confrontations of WW2. Even the Japanese government has forgiven the American government.

It was true what former PM Abdullah said: "We have first class infrastructure with third class mentality". Now we know what he was referring to.

Peter Ooi:
Why can’t we be more magnanimous to an old man whose only wish is to die in his homeland? I am no supporter of Chin Peng but in fact am against him. The reasons given for denying him his last wish are outright flimsy and smack of hypocrisies.

This old man might have done lots of cruelties and many had suffered as a result. At this point in life, I am sure he must be brooding over his past and in all probability regretting over the mistakes.

Our leaders’ reasons for denying his return is based on his cruel past. By the same token, why didn’t they deny entry of the Japanese to this country? It is very well documented even more innocent people suffered more untold atrocities in the hands of the Japanese.

Similarly why are we so warm to the Chinese government? They supported Chin Peng in the campaign against us. We should not trade with them nor allow their citizens to come here at all.
In both of those two cases we are capable of overlooking the past and why not to this poor old man. Allowing Chin Peng to come home does not reflect the weakness of the government. Instead it would win more admiration both locally and abroad.

Peter Yew: Unhappiness or fear? The threat of communism is long over and we are looking at an old man wanting to return from exile to die in his homeland. Are we a nation lacking in compassion? I do hope Najib will rethink over his heartless decision.

Do not speak on behalf of families who may have a grudge against Chin Peng. They may not even bother about this old man anymore as there are more important things to do in life than take revenge on him. I say this to those who refuse to let Chin Peng return: Get a life!

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