careful – you could be arrested for praying next!

WHOA!! yeah, you’d better believe it!

i don’t know whether should i gasp with shock or roar with laughter when i read the following from the people’s parliament’s blog (haris ibrahim): ‘can our brothers and sisters pray in peace’

In Hulu Selangor, the Hindu community, too, have been saying prayers for the release of the 5 every month during the ‘Pournami Pooja’ ( which, I’m told, means ‘power prayers’ during the full moon ).

Last month, those prayers were to be held on the 12th at a temple in Batang Kali.

2 days before the scheduled prayers, one of the members of that community was summoned by Special Branch to their headquarters. This individual was told that the prayers scheduled for the 12th of November must not proceed. The officer insisted that there should not be prayers for the Hindraf 5 and that if it did proceed, devotees who participated in the same would face arrest.

whatever (shocked/laughed)….. it does sound so SILLY! plain stinking to highest heaven (phrase borrowed from anwar) SILLY!!  what in the %@!(* world is happening to the police? or rather to the bl***y ‘higher up’ who gave the orders???? (sorry to use a four-letter word but i’m just damn – oops – angry!!) :mad

in penang, in one of our catholic church, on every wednesday, we had a mass to pray for all the ISA detainees (anil netto blogs about it a few times). the priest there said that the mass will go on until all ISA detainees are released or when ISA is repealed. now, don’t tell me, one day, the police will step in and ordered the church not to hold the mass anymore? or arrest those who attend the mass? CRAZY!

phew! i really don’t know what else to say. think i’d better call it a night before my blood pressure go skyhigh!

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