rosmah, wife of DPM, was at the murder scene

… so claimed RPK.

several days ago there was a ‘bombshell’ dropped when SAPP from sabah announced its no confidence vote against the PM, but it seemed that later on a much bigger bombshell came by – from raja petra (RPK) of malaysia today.

 yep, the one everybody had been talking about already – the statutory declaration from RPK (see below) claiming that rosmah, wife of najib, ouf DPM, was present at the murder scene of altantuya.

yeah, so mr DPM, what gives? assuming RPK is telling the truth, which i’m sure he is, otherwise he won’t made such a declaration, isn’t it time that you tell all? come, come, it’s time to stop swimming in the river of the nile!!

RPK declared that he had been informed there were 3 persons present at altantuya’s murder scene: rosmah, wife of the DPM, col. aziz buyong, and his wife. he also said it was aziz who planted the C4 explosives on various part of altantuya’s body… all this while rosmah and aziz’s wife were watching? oh gee how could they sleep well (and rosmah jet-setting around, shopping lavishly) knowing they are (IF) have a hand in the murder of altantuya?

i first read about this bombshell from malaysiakini. then later, read about it from various blogs here and there. it seems that in RPK’s declaration, it has also implicate the PM, his son in law and ‘one of the rulers’. whoa! serious!

yep! so serious that lim kit siang had submitted an emergency motion to seek parliamentary debate on this issue, according to malaysiakini.

“The credibility and legitimacy of the Abdullah premiership and government will suffer a mortal blow if the prime minister, deputy prime minister and Rosmah continue to remain silent on Raja Petra’s bombshell allegations in his statutory declaration,” Lim said in the motion.

whether the motion will be allowed in parliament remain to be seen because:

The speaker is expected to decide tomorrow on whether or not to allow the motion, as notice of two days is required in tabling an emergency motion.

The speaker needs to be satisfied that three conditions are met – that the matter is definite, urgent and of public importance – before he sets aside proceedings and allocates an hour for the motion to be debated.

of course lim kit siang had also blog on this issue, calling for an emergency debate in parliament. hmm… knowing how our country work, the motion might be thrown out by the umno controlled speaker and supported by all the umno controlled BN ministers!!

i bet my bottom dollars that RPK will be hauled up by the police for questioning while the 3 persons mentioned by RPK will NOT be hauled up at all. that’s how our country work. whistleblower gets the gun!!

let’s see what will happen. is our country going to the dog? imagine the DPM and wife involving in a murder and imagine the PM knowing about it but doing nothing! tsk tsk… i cry for my country.


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