what? another swearing?

does swearing makes you innocent? then the judiciary better close shop!!

earlier we see the ‘coffee boy’ slyfool… er… saiful… swearing upon a quran in a mosque and now look who’s swearing! our dear DPM, najis… er… najib…. he swears that he does not know altantuya at all and absolutely has no connection with her.

wait… worst is to come.

Meawnhile, Mongolia’s honorary consul in Malaysia, Datuk Syed Abdul Rahman Al-Habshi who also present, said: "Datuk Seri Najib’s swearing is true and it is accepted that he has no connection with Altantuya."

wow! like that one ah. so easy one eh. he swear, this syed abdul believe, aduh! of course lah because he is the DPM, not a famous blogger or a private investigator.

Syed Abdul Rahman said when the murder happened he was the first Malaysian who knew of it and he was also the first to go to Mongolia to go over Altantuya’s documents.

"Not one document, photograph or video involved Najib," he said.

ayoh! he called himself an honorary consul? so stupid! and think we are stupid! first of all, you don’t think altantuya’s family would have left any documents, photos, videos of najib lying around to let him find it while going through altantuya’s documents? secondly, let’s say he did find those docs, photos or video, he will reveal them?

guess what next? after protecting his beloved DPM, he, yes, you gues right…. attacked anwar!

Syed Abdul Rahman said Parti Keadilan Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) advisor Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Malaysia Today webmaster Raja Petra Kamaruddin and private investigator P Balasubramaniam had created a big lie.

"I regret they feel they know more about the case. Anwar lied that he met Altantuya’s father in Mongolia. At that time I knew Anwar was coming and took her father (Dr Shaarriibuu Setev) to Russia," he said.

"No one knows more than me and Anwar had lied with several accusations against Najib," Syed Abdul Rahman said.

He said the reason he was present at the function was to clarify the confusion as Anwar’s actions could affect the good relations between Malaysia and Mongolia and that he had been directed by Mongolia’s Prime Minister Sanjaa Bayar to assist.

"no one knows more than me….".  whoaa! ain’t that the truth or what!!! i would have said the person who knows more, the most is razak baginda!

well if syed abdul believed in najib and said RPK, bala, anwar lied… then he is also saying some other people lied….
like altantuya’s cousin who mentioned altantuya told her she had dinner with a high ranking official named ‘najib’.
or some foreign diplomat who mentioned he saw altantuya and najib in some exhibition in singapore (got this thru’ susan loone’s blog some time ago).

Syed Abdul Rahman said after he was appointed by the Mongolian prime minister to investigate the murder of Altantuya, he discovered that Najib had nothing to do with the case.

dei mr consul!! who can believe that? the very fact that the two accused were najib’s bodyguards and the C4 explosives can be obtained only via the defence ministry and najib is the defence minister, shows he is involved one way or another.

oh dear! i’d better shut up now, and not continue to say he is involved, otherwise i might land myself in trouble because that is how our fucked up system works – if you are a nobody, whatever you believed or declared, they’ll dismiss you as liars or trouble makers, and don’t bother about investigation BUT if you are a VIP gomen ministers or umnoputera (or agent of umnoputera), whatever your believed or declared, they’ll tend to believe you and quick as a lightning carries out an investigation. that’s bolehland for you!

ok so i’d better qualify myself to say whatever i say here are all assumptions only.

don’t forget to read the full article from the government mouthpiece! i don’t see this news in malaysiakini but saw it in the malaysian insider. oh btw, i saw the swearing on tv3 midnight news. oh, at the end of the article, it mentioned about the drop of petrol price – a news that is carried by so many bloggers, so i’m not going to. 🙂

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