away from penang for the walk

ok this will be my last post…. no no, not last post period. last post for today and this weekend, before i attend our SSVP youth camp (as organiser lah, surely not as participant since i’m no longer a youth). then i’ll  leave for KL. tomorrow about noon.  will be back in penang on monday. so no blogging for me  during the weekend… unless i can get internet access at the hotel i stay. can blog with my PDA.

hope to see many of you at the walk on  sunday!

did you guys notice the news on the walk from malaysiakini on it also appeared in the sun paper of 27 may (can’t find it online). i understand there is also a write-up in today’s sun. do check out the sun!

oh for those who on facebook, please take note there is a BENAR group on facebook and also the media freedom walk event. please send the event to all your friends, encouraging them to attend. thanks!

benar facebook group
walk for media freedom event on facegroup

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