this politician said the most darndest thing

(note: last part of title borrowed from kenny’s blog ‘malaysians say the most darndest thing!’.)

you know how it is lah… during every festive season, we have politicians coming up to with messages here and there, mostly same ‘geli’ words to us, which are like old broken record that goes on and on… we must unite lah, living in harmony lah, thankful for stable country lah…… and so on and on. we heard it all… but believe it or not, yesterday i heard the most darndest thing ever said by one politician on occasion of christmas day; the politician is none other than koh tsu koon, penang’s CM and gerakan leader.

from NST:

Malaysians, while celebrating Christmas, must respect Islam as the country’s official religion.

what the hell?? huh? what !*&$(_!^*#  😕

what in the world has celebrating christmas got to do with islam as official religion? why must mentioned this? why bring in islam in a christian festival message?

ah! i get it. this must be another attempt of koh’s trying to ‘bodek’ UMNO!

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